BBM for Android, iOS Gets Demoed At Toronto International Film Festival

While most people are eagerly waiting for the BBM for Android app to appear at Google Play those who attended the BlackBerry Experience at the Toronto International Film Festival were able to test the app in a public demo. BlackBerry showcased the app running on the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as on an iPhone.

bbm for android

Those who were able to test BBM said that the app ran smoothly on Android and iOS. There isn’t any noticeable difference in the user interface between the Android or iOS version of the app and they look very similar to that of the BlackBerry 10 app. It’s also confirmed that the app will be BBID-based and not PIN-based.

If you live in the Toronto area then you can check the app in action this week at the BlackBerry Experience building located at the corner of King & Blue Jays Way.

There’s no announcement as to when this will become officially available but there are strong rumors that suggest that it could be this coming September 12.

BlackBerry Messenger is a popular messaging service originally available for BlackBerry devices. It allows people having a BlackBerry device to communicate with each other as long as they know each other’s BlackBerry PIN or BlackBerry ID. Text messages, voice, videos and photos can all be easily sent using this service.

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