BBM for Android gets Find Friends feature, no longer requires PIN sharing


BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android hasn’t managed to make a considerable dent in the messaging platform wars, and apart from the fact that BBM is no longer cool and has been replaced by more popular services like WhatsApp, the rather inconvenient requirement of having to share your PIN to add new friends has been one of the biggest issues users have found with BlackBerry’s messaging service.

Well, BlackBerry was listening to its consumers, and it has decided to remove the need to share a PIN for inviting new users by introducing a new feature to BBM called Find Friends. With Find Friends, users can simply scan their contacts to detect those are using BBM, and then add them to their BBM contact list, or invite them to download BBM if they aren’t using it at the moment (chances are, they aren’t interested, and no one can blame them.) Of course, Find Friends isn’t going to help BlackBerry too much in seeing an increased number of active users for BBM on Android (and iOS), though it’s still a welcome feature that should have been there from the start.

Head over to Google Play to download the latest version of BBM – it doesn’t seem to have gone live yet, but that should change in the next few hours.