Battle of the Applications: Honeycomb Twitter Style

After using my Xoom for a bit I went about looking for what would the “best” Twitter application be so I could use just one… Problem is there wasn’t to many and the Twitter one just sucked. So I decided to go out and check out all the ones they had for Honeycomb and put them all in one article as a Battle of The App: Honeycomb Twitter Style and here it is…


This one was what was originally the first to come out for Honeycomb to use its vast area to have multiple columns in one screen. On the main screen you get three columns: Main, Mentions, Direct Messages. On the top you have the ability to just click New Tweet, Refresh, Search and Trends without having to go into the menu button this time.

However when you hit the menu button in the upper right you are now able to see Direct Messages(again?), Settings, Favorites, View my Profile, Mute, Lists and Kill Plume. One of their main additions is how the conversations look on here which I think is perfectly done.

One feature that is lacking or missing is the ability to add more columns which WOULD make sense here. Honestly they didn’t do anything special besides having 3 columns on one screen at once here. This was my main Twitter App on the Xoom until TweetCaster HD came out but more on that to come. While I do enjoy this and its nice it just lacks visuals that both the other Twitter Applications bring.


This would be the first “independent” Twitter application that has came out and Chris has worked tirelessly on it and it shows. The background color of the black with hint of blue is beautiful in my opinion. This one also starts out with just three columns however in settings you are able to add both Favorites as well as My Timeline(Personal Tweets) and the effortless swipes to go through them work beautiful.  However added feature like the ability to add a specific column for say a specific hashtag, person, would be perfect and could be an easily added feature that is well needed. One issue I’ve found with this, is the inability to not delete a Twitter account once added. Not sure as to why but can’t. However one feature the stands out between this and others are if you keep it open it’ll refresh its self. How he’s made it so when you click on a profile that it shows their info as well as their Timeline and Favorites is a very nice addition. One the bottom you’ll also see the top trends. If there was a way to customize this for your specific location would be best.

TweetCaster HD:

Now my personal Favorite and the one I’ve used and haven’t looked back since they released it into the market. You’ll notice it when you launch that your info will be on the left side fregment while what you are on, is on the right. In between the fragmentation you’ll also notice a way of going between All Tweets, Photos(so you see the photo’s in you Timeline) Videos(same as Photos) and Links(see the links in your Timeline that people have posted). On the left you’ll notice in a drop sense, Timeline, Mention, Favorites, Messages(Direct Messages), My Tweets and List. In the upper left you’ll see a silhouette of a head and body and when you click that you’ll then be able to see your other accounts you’ve added. When you compose a new Tweet it’ll be like a notepad from when you where/are in school with the background. So far only thing I’ve noticed which has irritated with this, is the fact that it wont rotate when composing a new Tweet it’ll flip back to were its “right side up”. You are also able to add your Facebook information into this one as well. Another issue I’ve noticed is the fact that when you click on a link it’ll send you to an internal browser for TweetCaster not allow you to just go through a browser of your choice unless you click in the upper right and then click on “open in browser”. However even though the issues I’ve noticed may out way the number of issues on other one’s I’ve noticed I still can’t stop using this one and is far and away my winner of which one I’d use.


While there are few true Twitter Applications for Honeycomb to take advantage of the larger screen the ones that are out however are extremely well written and built. My personal favorite and everyday use is TweetCaster HD however the long shot in TweetComb came in a close second if it wasn’t for the fact as of writing this the inability to delete Twitter accounts and how the personal layout is. Just looks like it was trying to be Plume. Where as TweetCaster gave us something different. Plume came in a distance third and really isn’t in the league as those two I’ve mentioned above.

Missing from this list are heavyweights such as the now sold Tweetdeck, Seesmic( Didn’t you tell TheDroidGuy you’d have it out by I/O, where is it?) and Twitters own version. While I’ve also heard word that both MobiCartel and Skeleton Labs are currently working on their own Twitter client I can’t imagine these are the only one’s going to try and get into this as Tablets are now becoming more and more prominent.

Want to see your application in our next Battle of the Apps? Contact [email protected] or @brentf_9 and let me know! 😉

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