Huge battery improvements coming to Android 4.3


Recently Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4 Google Edition users have been given the option to download an early build for Android 4.3, while the mobile operating system update is still Jelly Bean, it brings with it one major key solution: battery life.

For a long time now Android has suffered from poor battery life, with top-tier phones getting around 8 hours max per day. With 1080p screens and quad-core processors, we can see why these phones are likely to suffer.

Android 4.3 may have the solution for this problem however, with early reports indicating the battery life actually quadruples on the smartphone when updated. PocketNow detailed a phone which normally got 4-6 hours now garnered in 25 hours of battery life.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, did apparently bring this up with the Android and Moto X teams. He wanted to make a smartphone capable of lasting longer than a few days, making the user feel like they didn’t need to rush to get it on the charger at night.

We may see the Moto X and other Android 4.3 devices as the first to gain two days of solid battery life. The Droid Maxx has already claimed 48 hours of battery life, if we see the jump to Android 4.3, we may see 72 hours possibly.