Batman Invades Nokia Lumia


Late last year, Nokia introduced smaller of its Lumia range of Windows pones, Lumia 800, in an exclusive Batman edition. Following in its footsteps, Nokia will soon release Lumia 900 Batman edition. The Dark Knight edition of the Lumia 900 will be available in many European nations including UK, France and Germany in a few weeks.

Nokia is keeping its lips sealed as to how much the Dark Knight edition will cost or what features it will include. However, it will most likely be a similar to the 800 special edition which came out in December last year. Interestingly, Nokia never officially released Lumia 800 Batman. The few phones that somehow found way to the masses featured a small engraved Batman logo on the rear body, exclusive Batman-themed Windows screen and preloaded Batman wallpapers. We can only hope that Nokia adds few more features (we suggest a Batman button and a Robin/Joker classification of friends list)

We d not have an official release date yet, but Lumia 900 Batman edition will most probably release before 21st June, 2012, to tap the hype surrounding release of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The limited edition smartphone is likely to be a hit because of the massive passive advertising through the movie and also because Batman has his own loyal fanbase.

In many countries, like in United Kingdom, pre-orders for this limited edition phone have already begun. A few resellers, like Phones4U in the UK are offering extra perks like a free pair of Monster Purity headphones and movie tickets for each order placed before the release. The phone will official hit the markets in a couple of weeks and is expected to be a bestseller, more so when an elaborate marketing mechanism including a huge movie is in place.