Barnes & Noble Announces New Tablet Lineup

Amazon recently announced their entire new tablet lineup only a couple of weeks ago, and even launch a few new HD versions of their tablets just recently. With that said, Barnes & Noble is trying to stay in the competition and to do that, has just announced two new additions to the Nook lineup. The new 7 inch and 9 inch Nook HD+ tablets is what they have to introduce. The new 7 inch Nook HD will literally be known as the world’s most lightest and highest resolution HD tablet, while the new 9 inch HD+ will be known as the world’s lightest full HD tablet. The 7 inch Nook HD tablet will be starting at $199 and will be featuring a whopping 1.3GHz dual core chip, 1GB of RAM, a 1440 x 900 243ppi laminated display and will only weight 11.1 ounces. This new 9 inch Nook HD+ tablet will be starting at $269 and will be featuring a very nice 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1920 x 1280 256ppi laminated display and will be coming in at 18.2 ounces.¬† The best thing about this new announcement is that owners of either tablet is going to have access to Barnes & Noble’s three million books and a massive selection of magazines and apps with the new NOOK Video and NOOK Catalog content.

The Nook has always had a pretty huge following from its loyal Barnes & Noble fans, but lately Amazon seems to have been winning these fans over with all of their new stuff. Barnes & Noble will have none of that though. It’s time for a new generation of Barnes & Noble technology, and will thus be offering tons of new features and content that you can check out over on the Barnes & Noble official website. As you can see, Barnes & Noble is also trying to appeal to the lovers of 7 inch tablets and almost-10-inch tablets, just like Amazon was trying to do. This, I think, is a fantastic move on Barnes & Nobles part, surely this will win some of their customers back, and they may not lose as much money as they did on the last generation of Nooks. Then again, stores like this tend to earn all of their money back through books and features.

Each of the tablets announced today are going to be available for pre-order today in the United States, while pre-orders for the United Kingdom will be available in the next month or so. Next month isn’t very far away, so there really isn’t a huge wait involved. We’ll make sure to keep you updated as to when Barnes and Noble makes the tablets available for pre-purchase in the UK.

Here’s the burning question(s) though! Do you think that Barnes and Noble will be able to outdo Amazon this time around, or do you think that Amazon has such a foothold in the industry that Barnes and Noble has no chance? Lastly, will you be purchasing this new tablet from Barnes and Noble or is the new HD Kindle Fire’s just something you’re sold on?

source: talk android