Backside Touch Control for Transparent Displays Patented by Samsung

Backside Touch Control

The US Patent & Trademark Office recently revealed that Samsung has developed its very own Backside Touch Control technology. According to Patent Bolt, the invention of Samsung aims to benefit their future devices with transparent displays.

The article explains that the invention enables devices with transparent displays to detect touch-enabled controls from the front and the rear. The technology lets devices process actions that are made separately or simultaneously on its opposite sides. This would let users manipulate the various elements of the phone display like icons, controls, videos, images and others.

Transparent Display

The transparent display of Samsung provides transparency that will let users see through the display and the objects behind it said the report.

The source went on to explain that the patent for Samsung’s transparent display includes devices capable of performing operations such as processing data, transferring data and recognizing data.

Based on Patent Bolt, the introduction of transparent displays has created the demand for new and innovative methods of interacting with it. So, this is basically the reason why Samsung has developed the Backside Touch Control feature.

Other Cool Features Revealed

Aside from the general features mentioned, the report showed that the Backside Touch Control will also support other functions like texting, unlocking the device and maybe even playing supported games in the future.

Patent Application

The source pointed out that the Samsung patent for Backside Touch Control has been filed during the second quarter of 2013 and one year earlier in Korea.

Similar Patents

It should be noted that Google has also filed a patent similar to Samsung’s Backside Touch Control in the third quarter of 2012 but it was not for a device with transparent screen. Much earlier than that, in 2006 to be particular, Apple introduced the same idea for its future tablets.

It seems like the race for devices that will offer Backside Touch Control is on, so only time will tell who will be able to release the first device of its kind on the market. Expect some back and forth lawsuits also that will stem out from these companies competing for the same technology.

Source: Patent Bolt