Back To Verizon Wireless Only Galaxy Nexus Rumors, And Only 16gb At That

It’s hard to say that this is a rumor because the original source of the story is the Galaxy Nexus page on the Google webste, however Phandroid discovered this morning that mention of the 32gb Galaxy Nexus version is missing.

In addition, the Galaxy Nexus U.S. web page only describes the LTE/CDMA version which of course is going to Verizon Wireless. There is no mention any more of an HSPA+ version in the U.S.  Of course we know the HSPA+ version exists, it’s on the UK website and has already been released over seas.

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Finally, as Phandroid points out, the version listed on the U.S. Galaxy Nexus page has an 1850mah battery that’s the battery in the LTE version.  The LTE version uses a battery with 100mah more than the 1750mah battery on the HSPA+ version.

Of course this is all pure conjecture because neither Google nor Verizon Wireless has said anything recently about the Galaxy Nexus.  It was widely reported that we are now looking at a December 8th launch, yesterday. We stopped carrying stories solely based on launch date rumors until Verizon Wireless or another U.S. carrier makes an  official announcement, or one of our ninjas gets us a screen shot.

source: Phandroid