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5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Better AT&T Reception In 2019

Are you on AT&T and struggling with getting decent cell reception? AT&T is one of the better networks out of the four, so coverage is already pretty great, but there are still areas that you might have trouble getting a good signal from. For example, basements are notoriously bad at letting cellular coverage break through.

5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Better Verizon Reception In 2019

As far as most cell providers go, they all offer decent, if not excellent cellular signal for your smartphones and even tablets if you have it setup that way. However, we’re all familiar with dead zones. Sometimes there are areas in the house that just aren’t capable of receiving a signal — most commonly, this

How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

Losing your smartphone is a fairly common occurrence. You could be out to dinner and left your smartphone out on a table, or maybe you were at a concert and dropped it in the auditorium. Either way, losing your smartphone is a devastating thing, partially because of the cost involved with them: most good smartphones

5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android In 2019

Got a new Android phone and want to see how well it does when you take it for a spin through some high-end Android games? Most phones will do well with these games, and flagship smartphones will fly through them, making them super smooth and responsive; however, the real test of your new Android phone

5 Best Gaming Chairs In 2019

No gaming chair is created equally, and if you’re a gamer, you know that already. It can be hard to find a chair that offers everything you need it to when it comes to gaming. Gamers need a chair that’s going to provide comfort and back support for long periods of time. On top of

5 Best Features Of Android Oreo

With Android Oreo, you can expect a smartphone experience that’s both simpler than before, and even more fun. While they’ve completely changed some things, other things they altered in the smallest of ways that still makes a huge impact on the entire phone. Some of these are small changes, while others will completely transform your

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps In 2019

If you’re not immediately familiar with what augmented reality is, it basically uses your phone/tablet camera to recognize or add digital objects to the scene. One of the best examples of it was the ever-popular Pokemon Go, where you could see and play with Pokemon in the “real world” through your phone. Another great example

Google Pixelbook Vs HP Chromebook 14 Best Chromebook 2019

Not sure whether to pick up a Google Pixelbook or the HP Chromebook 14? It can be a tough decision — on one hand, you have a luxury high-end Chromebook in the Pixelbook, but on the other, you get a functioning Chromebook for a whole lot less than the $1200 it costs for the Pixelbook.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs Acer R13 Best Chromebook 2019

The Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Acer R13 are considered mid-range Chromebooks as far as the pricing goes. With mid-range Chromebooks, you obviously get mid-range hardware, a semi decent display, and fantastic portability. When you’re picking out a Chromebook, it can be difficult choosing between the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the Acer R13. Both are

Google Pixelbook Vs Acer R13 Best Chromebook 2019

Having trouble deciding between getting a Google Pixelbook or the Acer R13? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll help you make a decision in no time. It really can be a difficult choice. After all, you have the Google Pixelbook with a Intel Core i5 or i7 (seriously, what Chromebook out there

5 Best Car Holder Mounts For iPhone 8

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 8 is a great phone. It just launched last fall, and it’s been extremely popular ever since. But one of the accessories that can be hard to find that fit specific phones is a mount to use within your vehicle. Phone mounts for cars are a great way to

How To Buy Dash (DASH) Cryptocurrency Coin In 3 Simple Steps

Cryptocurrency might seem like a volatile investment, but it can be a great way for beginners to make some quick money over a couple of months to a year. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy multiple Bitcoins at their current market prices, but that might make a lesser known or up and coming cryptocurrency a more

How To Buy Zcash (ZEC) Cryptocurrency Coin In 3 Simple Steps

You may have heard of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and even Ethereum, but you may have not necessarily heard of Zcash. Zcash is one of the up and coming cryptocurrencies, originally started in 2016. They hope that Zcash will be the next “Bitcoin” because of how much more secure and private it is. Bitcoin (and

How To Watch Homeland Live Online Without Cable

For those who miss the days of 24, Jack Bauer and his heroic antics, there is a similar show called Homeland that airs on Showtime, something you might not be able to catch if you decide to ditch your cable subscription. Luckily, streaming services are starting to become more and more popular, so that all