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5 Best VPN For Smart TV In 2019

You might be wondering why you might need a virtual private network for your Smart TV. Shouldn’t using your normal, everyday WiFi or wired connection be fine? You might think so, and that certainly does provide you with a gateway to a lot of content; however, there’s a lot of content that might be censored

5 Best VPN For Fire Stick In 2019

Got a brand new Amazon Fire Stick and want to access a little more content than what’s currently available? The Fire Stick gives you access to a lot, such as its own Amazon Prime Video service and access to a ton of applications, including Netflix, CBS All Access, Fox, Hulu, and so much more. Still,

5 Best Crackle VPN In 2019

Having trouble accessing the Sony Crackle streaming service while you’re traveling? One of the areas of entertainment that is easily the most frustrating in the United States is contract obligations and streaming rights — it makes it insanely difficult for people all over the country to see the same content. It’s especially frustrating when it’s

5 Best Amazon Prime Video VPN In 2019

Amazon Prime Video has a lot of great content on it, and a lot of excellent content lined up. Fans love The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video, and fans are looking forward to the big release of the new Lord of the Rings TV series. However, if you’re travelling abroad, how do you access

5 Best Twitch TV VPN In 2019

Twitch TV has become insanely popular over the years, even taking over much of YouTube’s viewership when it comes to gaming sector. However, it can be difficult to continue to watch TV when you’re travelling abroad or if your ISP is throttling your connection. In some countries, you just can’t access Twitch TV; that or

5 Best DirecTV Now VPN In 2019

One of the big problems with TV streaming services (and TV in general) is the contract obligations and streaming rights. It makes it difficult for consumers all over the United States to be able to watch the same content. For example, you might be excited to catch, say, the Game of Thrones season finale at

5 Best HBO Now VPN In 2019

HBO Now is a much-loved streaming service in the United States, giving us access to hit shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and so much more. The disappointing thing is when we have to travel abroad that has things like HBO Now and other streaming services censored or blocked for one reason or another. It

5 Best PS Vue VPN In 2019

PlayStation Vue is a whole lot different than Sony Crackle. PlayStation Vue is essentially a way for you to watch live TV online. It also offers access to old episodes and video on-demand, but it’s primarily designed for giving you live access to things like HBO and STAR. Since these are TV channels we’re dealing

5 Best Hulu VPN In 2019

If you’re travelling abroad it can be difficult accessing all of your favorite streaming content back home. In some countries, the content is outright blocked, or there might be a supreme lack of content available on a service such as Hulu due to copyright and contract obligations. As disappointing as that initial shock of not

5 Best Sprint Booster In 2019

Having trouble with the Sprint signal in your home and car? It’s a typical problem to have — Sprint might advertise itself as a really good carrier, and they are, but the fact is, Sprint isn’t that great outside of major cities. So, if you don’t live in a major city, it’s not likely that

5 Best Sprint Android Phone In 2019

Are you on Sprint and not sure what smartphone to get? They have a lot of phones to choose from, whether that be for Android or iOS. That can make a buying decision rather difficult, but there are a lot of phones that you can filter out and opt for the devices on the menu.

5 Best Galaxy S9 Fast Charger In 2019

There are a lot of chargers out there that don’t support any sort of fast charging technology, even if it concerns the better speeds associated with USB-C! It’s shocking and frustrating, but this is how many manufacturers are able to get prices down so low, whether it’s on the consumer end or just trying to

5 Best Galaxy S9 Charging Cable In 2019

Having trouble with third-party charging cables for your Samsung Galaxy S9? It happens a lot, and that’s because you’re buying from manufacturers that don’t follow correct USB standards, manufacturers that skimp out on material and specification in favor of making a cheaper cable that’s more attractive to consumers. Only, over time it ends up being

5 Best Fishing Kayaks In 2019

Any fisherman knows how expensive it can be to go out fishing on a boat. Often, you need a few thousand dollars to be able to purchase a decent boat in the first place. After that, keeping up with registration, gas, and engine and hull maintenance can add up as well. Boat fishing is certainly