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5 Best Bluetooth Earpiece In 2019

Sometimes you need to be able to talk to people on your phone in the car. Unfortunately, that can be quite difficult when you’re trying to concentrate on driving. That, or your State has or is trying to make it to use your mobile phone in the car at all. Luckily, there is hardware available

5 Best Samsung Phone Chargers In 2019

It always seems that the original charging equipment that comes with our smartphones works the best. A lot of the aftermarket options just don’t do the trick, either charging our phones and tablets extremely slow, often shorting out, or are simply defective. The classic “Accessory not supported” error message lets us know that. That said,

5 Best Micro USB Cable Charger In 2019

Aftermarket Micro USB cables have traditionally had a lot of problems. Sometimes they’re not properly insulated, so after just a little bit of use you get wire breaks, and then, a defective micro USB cable. Other times aftermarket cables are defective straight out of the box. This is all because there are a lot of

5 Best Portable Cell Phone Chargers In 2019

If you’re on the go a lot, and also use your smartphone a lot, you might find that you’re running out of battery way too fast with no way to charge it. It’s a difficult problem to be in, especially when we rely on our smartphones so much, whether that be for work, personal communication,

5 Best Tablet Styluses In 2019

Tablets are designed to use with touch, essentially just your finger. It’s supposed to feel natural, and navigating with your finger should be smooth and responsive; however, there’s still many out there that don’t like the whole touchscreen thing, instead being more in favor of styluses. Well, luckily, tablets aren’t just responsive to touch, but

5 Best Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer In 2019

Soundbars are phenomenal devices, removing the need for large home theater setups to get an immersive experience. Instead, they trim that setup down, giving you everything you need a bar around the size of 28-inches. It brings you room-filling sound that is unmatched in a low profile device like that. However, the sound can get

5 Best Workout Headphones For Galaxy Note 9

Wireless headphones have a lot of uses, from letting you hear all the little details of an audio track, for casual listening, and so on; however, they’re not always so great for a workouts, not only due to perspiration, but also because they’re generally too large for workouts. For a workout, you need a pair

5 Best BlackBerry KeyOne Case In 2019

The BlackBerry KeyOne is a phenomenal smartphone, bringing together all the things that made BlackBerry OS great in a modern Android-based smartphone. Even though this phone sits on Android 7.0 Nougat, you still get access to great things like BlackBerry Hub, where all your communication is centralized in one spot. With it being a premium

5 Best Over Ear Headphones In 2019

Over Ear headphones have considerable advantages over on-ear headphones. For starters, they’re generally a whole lot more comfortable than the latter. Not only that, but over ear headphones are great for noise cancelling purposes and providing its user with an overall more immersive audio experience — perfect for listening to tracks for editing, listening to

5 Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones In 2019

Noise cancelling headphones can be a godsend in most respects. Whether you’re trying to tune out outside sounds to better listen to a track you’re editing, to get the full experience of some piece of music, or to simply listen to a piece of dialog from a movie, noise cancelling headphones can do all of

5 Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers In 2019

Bluetooth has been around for some time now, and has created tons of possibilities for us — now, with Bluetooth technology, you can connect your phone to all sorts of gadgets — speakers, your computer for file transfers, a headset for talking on the phone in the car, and so much more. Still, there are

5 Best Headphones For Sleeping In 2019

Looking for a comfortable and high quality pair of headphones for listening to music at night, or while you go to sleep? Well, there are headphones out there for you! There are plenty of headphones out there that won’t tangle up, and others that will be comfortable over your ears for hours on end. If

5 Best On Ear Headphones In 2019

If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones, you might want to consider on-ear headphones — they’re portable, versatile, comfortable, and if you’ve got some money to spend, they sound phenomenally well. These headphones often can connect over to your smartphone with Bluetooth wireless, and there are some on-ear headphones that are great for

How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android

You’re here because you’re wondering how to escape the prison that Safe Mode puts your Android phone in. Safe Mode was designed for the technically-apt users to troubleshoot their phones and (hopefully) fix problems or bugs that they were experiencing. Unfortunately, it’s also quite easy to enter Safe Mode on accident, and sometimes software bugs