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5 Best Netflix Alternative In 2019

Netflix is easily the go-to service when folks are looking for a solution for streaming media content like movies and TV shows online. Unfortunately, beyond just a couple of shows, Netflix can be pretty mediocre, though they are trying to fix that. So, once you run out of good content to stream, what else is

5 Best SlingTV Alternative In 2019

SlingTV is a great beginner service for those that are looking at cutting the cord and kicking the cable subscription to the curb. You can really slash that bill with SlingTV by building your very own TV package, essentially paying for what you want and what you use, instead of paying for hundreds of TV

5 Best PS Vue Alternative In 2019

The PlayStation Vue streaming service can be a great way to not only watch your favorite live TV shows, but also for on-demand programming. PlayStation Vue has a great user interface and plenty of content available through multiple package options. There are even add-ons that you can subscribe to to watch popular channels like AMC,

5 Best Hulu Alternative In 2019

Hulu is a great service for both video on-demand programming and live TV programming. The service has tons of old TV series and movies on it, and more often than not, they have episodes for TV series that are currently on the air. Between picking up contracts that Netflix has lost and their Live TV

5 Best Sonos One Alternative In 2019

The Sonos One is dubbed as one of the best smart home speakers for audio enthusiasts. The Sonos One works with Amazon Alexa well by being able to support up to thousands of Alexa Skills. The Sonos One is even able to connect up and work well with other devices in your smart home. And,

Skype Guest Video Calls

5 Best VoIP Phone Service In 2019

If you’re looking to outfit your business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, with a new VoIP phone service, you’ve come to the right place. With so many out there, it can be hard to make a good decision on the VoIP phone service that can help you move your business forward. Nowadays, a VoIP phone service

Ring Central vs 8×8 Best VOIP Phone Service In 2019

If you’ve been looking to setup a VoIP phone service for your small business or enterprise, you know just how many options are available to you. There’s a crazy amount, and it can make choosing the perfect VoIP option a difficult decision. However, in your research, you might’ve seen that Ring Central and 8×8 are

5 Best VPN for Skype In 2019

Skype is one of the best providers for VoIP calling services. You can use a real phone number to call people, you can instant message friends and coworkers, you can create group calls, and even use Caller ID, all with Skype. But, there are some countries that have Skype blocked for censorship reasons. There are

5 Best CBS All Access VPN In 2019

Having trouble watching CBS All Access while you’re abroad? Or maybe you’re just having trouble streaming it on your Internet connection, likely due to your ISP throttling your Internet speed. You might just be in another part of the United States, having trouble accessing CBs All Access due to market restriction and contract obligations. If

5 Best ESPN+ VPN In 2019

If there’s one thing that brings us together all over the world, it’s competitive sports. Whether you’re a fan of football, soccer, baseball, hockey, or anything else, sports is a fun way to connect with friends and family. However, it can be difficult to keep up with sports if you’re travelling abroad or in a

5 Best Pluto TV VPN In 2019

If you haven’t heard of Pluto TV before, this is an Internet-based TV platform that allows consumers to watch free entertainment online. Pluto TV has a lot going for it, offering access to exciting channels like NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, and even content from Warner Bros. But, if Pluto TV is blocked by your institution or

5 Best Philo VPN In 2019

If you’ve never heard of Philo before, we wouldn’t blame you. This is a pretty new way to stream live TV content. Starting out at as a project at Harvard University, Philo has actually turned into quite a big thing with investments coming from HBO, Facebook, and even Mark Cuban. Since it is still streaming

5 Best SlingTV VPN In 2019

SlingTV is one of the first services that came to market to offer a way to stream live TV over the Internet at an affordable price. The idea of SlingTV is that you picked what channels you wanted, and only paid for those channels, nothing more. This makes TV streaming a whole lot more affordable

5 Best fuboTV VPN In 2019

Do you love all-things sports? Maybe you love keeping up with NFL, MLB, NBA, and other types of sports all during their respective seasons. Maybe there isn’t just one sport that you feel beholden to, but if you’re overall a sports addict, it can be hard leaving the country or travelling to markets in the