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How To Delete Kik

If you took Kik for a trial run and don’t like how the Kik experience was or just found a better text messaging application, then you might want to delete the service. There are a couple of ways that you can delete it, obviously just deleting the app off of your smartphone, or you can

How To Turn On Windows Defender

The World Wide Web is a dangerous place these days with a lot of hackers and people up to no good trying to plant malicious software on your computer. If you remember, it wasn’t too long ago that WannaCry and Petya were affecting millions of users worldwide, encrypting all of their information, data, and holding

How To Burn A CD On iTunes

Got a sweet playlist on iTunes you wish you could put on a CD? Well, the good news is that iTunes will let you burn your favorite playlist onto an iTunes CD. Depending on how many songs you have and how much space the CD can hold, this process can take some time, but nonetheless,

How To Clean Your Headphones And Earbuds

Headphones and earbuds can get pretty nasty. The more you use them, the more they get clogged with bacteria, dust, lint, ear wax, dandruff, dead skin cells, and other nasty things. That said, it’s always good to have decent hygienic practices to keep your headphones and earbuds clear of that build up. However, you do

5 Best Automatic Watches Under $500 In 2019

There are a lot of different styles of the way a watch can tick — there are watches that need to be hand wound, while there are others that run on solar. However, the creme of the crop of watches is the automatic watch, the watch that automatically winds itself using the kinetic energy of

5 Best Ultra Thin Watches For Men In 2019

If you’re in the market for a new watch, maybe because you’re a watch connoisseur or because you want to enhance your business appearance, then you might want to check out some of these thin, but extremely stylish watches. We’ve listed some of our favorite ultra thin watches for men below, bringing you luxury style

5 Best Fishing Depth Finder In 2019

If you’re not familiar with fish finders, they can enhance the fisherman’s ability to catch fish exponentially. In its most basic form, a fish finder is used to locate fish. It will basically display where the fish are at on a screen, and does this through technologies like SONAR, GPS, and more. Fish finders generally

5 Best Hunting Cameras In 2019

You might think hunting is all about guns, rifles, camo gear, and you’re best sneaking abilities. And while it is all of that, hunters also use hunting cameras, also called game cameras, for tracking animal movement and patterns. This helps the hunter get the best idea of what area to hunt in for their desired

5 Best Fitbit Alta Alternative In 2019

Fitbit designed the Alta to be their slimmest fitness tracker yet. In this slim tracker is the way to measure all sorts of data much easier, including heart rate, calories burned, distance ran, more accurate information on specific exercises, sleep patterns, step tracking, and so much more. It’s no secret that with the Alta you’re

5 Best Fishing Drones In 2019

If you’re looking for a way to go fishing with a drone, you’ve come to the right place. Fishing with a drone by themselves is impossible, but if you hook up a downrigger clip to it, you can actually go fishing with a drone. With the clip, once the fish bites the bait, you can

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

Bluetooth technology has been one of the most convenient ways to listen to music across all devices – but many don’t know that their everyday PC can be used for wireless headphone playback. It’s easy to just think of that as something your phone, tablet, or perhaps car radio would have. Making a Bluetooth Connection

How To Download Twitch Videos

With the rise of eSports, Twitch has grown from an underground platform to one of the biggest video streaming sites on the world. Beyond gaming, it has been used for sporting events and its reach has grown far beyond “just” gaming. While it’s a great site for streaming, downloading its videos to watch later at


How To Embed A Video In PowerPoint

Since its debut in 1987, PowerPoint has been the go-to presentation program for students, businesses, and just about everyone looking to craft a professional-looking presentation. Over time it has gone from being something that Microsoft bought to strengthen its software lineup to a cornerstone of its Office suite since 1993. PowerPoint initially gained traction with

5 Best Skype Alternative In 2019

Skype has been a huge benefit to the world, offering essentially free VoIP phone calls and video conferencing for a long time. Since Microsoft acquired the server, it has had some changes to make the service more profitable, and it does have its own bugs and glitches, but even so, it’s still one of the