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Evernote to foray into the hardware sector

Popular note taking app on iOS and Android, Evernote has hinted at a new line of development in the future! CEO Phil Libin dropped subtle hints about Evernote’s direction and strategy for the future in an interview with IDG News Service, Tokyo. According to his statement, the company is looking to try its hand in

Sherpa to edge Siri out of the picture soon

Looks like Siri has a new cousin! Popular voiced-based digital assistant for iOS, Siri, no longer has digital monopoly over the market. A new digital assistant called Sherpa that is popular in Spain and Latin America will be launched in U.S very soon. After the unprecedented success and popularity of Siri, other companies are taking

13-inch ASUS Taichi finally ships to retail stores!

Consumers can heave a sigh of relief! The long awaited ASUS Taichi 13 inch tablet is finally on its way to retail stores after a long delay that left eager users cooling their heels. The tablet has some fancy features that whipped up consumers into frenzy after it’s unveiling. The long delay between the launch

Microsoft Windows 8.1 to offer ‘boot to desktop’?

Rumor or fact? Whacky fable or true story? Reports speak of Microsoft’s new feature in Windows 8.1 that allows users a direct boot to the desktop! An unheard of option till date, is this a revolutionary new feature to surpass the likes of arch-rival Apple? A new feat in the era of touch computing! According

Facebook Home reviews on the PlayStore release

The much anticipated new interface for Android, Facebook Home has finally arrived for download on the Android app store, Google Play. Home is a suite of features and services rather than a regular app but has nevertheless been featured on the app store and is being swallowed up by a huge number of users since

iMessenger and FaceTime hit by second outage this week

Apple’s two most popular communication services, one chat and one live video chat service have been hit with a second outage in the second week. iMessage is Apple’s chat service and a great alternative to SMS between iPhones, and FaceTime, the company’s Video Calling service are down owing to an outage. According to Apple, this

Bing lists more malicious websites than Google!

According to a research carried out by a testing lab in Germany, Search Engines still allow a few malicious sites to crop up in the results listing. Microsoft’s Bing is less effective than Google at filtering out malicious sites before listing out results of a search query. The findings are from Germany’s AV-Test lab after

Twitter’s music service, albeit without any features!

Twitter’s new music service went live on April 12th. This has been a hot topic of discussion across technology forums since the social network acquired music service We Are Hunted. Although the music site went live, there are no features yet. Users are able to login with their twitter credentials but they are no features

Firefox to block third-party cookies for safer browsing

Mozilla has announced that future release of the Firefox browser for both Android and desktop platforms will block third-party cookies. In addition, the browser on both platforms will feature several improvements in the configuration department. Most of these will be under the hood and will not affect the look and feel of the browser, but

iPhone 5 finally at T-mobile today, April 12

Well yes, April 12, 2013 (Friday) is finally here when after a gap of five long years; T-Mobile will finally start selling iPhone 5 as a part of their surprise package for its customers. True the fourth largest carrier of US has been trying hard on their network modernization, 4G LTE compatibility in across eight

Hastiness in Apple for releasing it’s new flagship

The much anticipated iPhone 5 is still considered to be a new Apple product whereas rumors has it that Apple has a iPhone which is to be launched pretty soon. The new iPhone is labelled as iPhone 5S as paved away by iPhone 4S after iPhone 4. The rumors were first taken lightly but after

A new revolution to be created by iOS 7

Coming to the fact of OS update, Apple has failed to keep up with Android as their last upgrade available was iOS 6 which came with iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Apple didnt even move an inch nor even showed interest in keeping up-to-date whereas their biggest rivals, Samsung has gone over with multiple new