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Nokia Lumia 928 magazine ad

New ads confirm Nokia Lumia 928 with PureView camera

A new companion magazine ad spotted in Vanity Fair by Engadget confirms the Nokia Lumia 928. The Nokia Lumia 928, codenamed “Catwalk,” has been in the rumors for some time now. The smart phone is expected to come with a 4.5 inch OCTA AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and will

LG Logo

LG reportedly working on a new tablet

According to a new rumor on Munhwa, LG is working on a new tablet for the year. There is absolutely no info about the technical specification of the device, or which operating system the new tablet will be running. The only news out is that the company is working on a new tablet. But it

HTC Windows RT Blue tablet rumor

HTC said to be working on two Windows RT Blue tablets

According to a new rumor that has surfaced today, HTC is working on two tablets for the year, and surprisingly enough, these are not Android tablets. The Taiwanese electronics giant will be releasing two Windows RT tablets this year, according to the rumor. And not just any Windows RT tablets, but tablets that will be

Fairphone Android smart phone

Fairphone will be available for pre-order next week

Fairphone, a company that aims “to bring a fair smartphone to the market – one designed and produced with minimal harm to people and planet” is going on pre order next week. The smart phone will be made of minerals which are got from sources where there is no forced labor. The company needs at

AT&T Beam USB Dongle

AT&T Beam is a USB 4G LTE Modem with LCD display

AT&T has come up with a new product, the Beam, a wireless 4G LTE USB dongle from Sierra Wireless. It is being said that this product has been primarily developed for people in the business domain, but I am pretty sure anyone who would need a high speed internet connection on the go would prefer

Path Logo

Facebook blocks Path for spam activity

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, has just blocked Path’s access to its social graph after it got a lot of complaints from its users about the spam messages that Path has been sending. Path, the mobile based social network, has been reported as sending text messages to Facebook friends of Path users as

Acer W3-810 Windows 8 8.1 inch tablet

8.1 inch Windows 8 Acer tablet appears on Amazon

The Verge was able to get a glimpse of a new Windows 8 tablet by Acer listed on Amazon. The Acer W3-810 was listed on Amazon for a while, after being taken down. According to The Verge, the Acer W3-810 is a Windows 8 device which comes with an 8.1 inch display with a resolution

Acer President Jim Wong

Acer says “no value” in Windows RT tablets now

Acer is currently focusing on Windows 8 and Android tablets, and the company wants to wait for the next version of Windows RT to start manufacturing Windows RT tablets. “The plan for an RT tablet is ongoing,” said Acer President Jim Wong in an interview Friday at a company event in New York. “To be

Fullscreen BEAM logo

Fullscreen BEAM app for Google Glass helps share videos

If you have a Google Glass Explorer Edition with you, there is no doubt you would be recording a lot of videos. And if you want to make them public, you need to upload them to YouTube. Now, Fullscreen Labs has come up with a very nice Google Glass app which will let you share

Sony Xperia L

Sony Xperia L visits the FCC

One of the new smart phones from Sony, the Sony Xperia L, has paid a visit to the FCC. There have been reports on the internet about this today. And there was a rumor that the “L” in the name of the device stands for LTE. But you would be disappointed to know that the

Samsung’s new Page Turn patent

  Last year Apple received a patent for the way it turns the pages on its devices, the faux page turn patent. And since the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, is often blamed of copying Apple, the company decided to get its own patent for turning pages, and that is what we are seeing here.

Yahoo! logo outside office

Yahoo acquires to-do app Astrid

Yahoo is in the news again, and this time for acquiring the to do app, Astrid. The amount involved in the acquisition that happened on Thursday has not been disclosed. Astrid CEO, Jon Paris, has said that the app will continue to work as is for the next 90 days, and after that, the switch

Twitter Logo 1

Twitter updates its apps on iOS and Android

Twitter updated its app on both iOS and Android recently, adding more features to both the app versions. The iOS app has been favored with a few more updates than the Android version. On iOS, Twitter users will now be able to invite their friends to Twitter directly from within the app. But how much

Android Jelly Bean logo

Android Jelly Bean gains market share

Google changed the way it counts the number of Android devices out in the wild last month in a move to help developers in getting the exact number of devices being used. Last month’s results of the market share of different Android versions are out, and this has used the new counting method. The report

HTC Evo Shift body burn

HTC Evo Shift burns the body of a woman

A HTC Evo Shift smart phone has branded its owner with a burn mark in the United States. The victim is a woman was reportedly doing yard work with the smart phone tucked into the waist band of her sweat pants. The lack of pockets in her sweat pants had forced her to tuck the

Switch to Windows Phone app

Microsoft’s new ‘Switch to Windows Phone’ Android app

  Microsoft has cleverly released an advertising app into the Android Play Store to “help” people make a switch from Android to Windows Phone. The new app in the Play Store is called the “Switch to Windows Phone” app. This app will scan all the apps installed on your Android device and then it will

Google IO 2013 schedule

Google releases I/O 2013 schedule

If you are attending the Google I/O this year, here is the schedule for the event. Google’s this year’s annual three day developer conference starts on the 15th of May, there are 120 sessions scheduled with a long three hour keynote. But there is only one keynote this year. Most of the sessions in the

Google Glass UI How To

Google releases Glass UI how to video

If you have got your hands on a brand new Google Glass Explorer Edition and are wondering how to use the thing, wonder no more. This is because the developer of the Google Glass has released a short one minute video telling how to use the Glass. Considering the fact that the public release of

Tweet from Google Glass

Twitter for Glass confirmed by LeWeb founder

Yesterday, we saw rumors about the existence of a Twitter app for Google Glass already as screenshots of tweets sent by the app surfaced, with the “Twitter for Glass” app name, the “#throughglass” hash tag, and a stock text (or at least what we expect it to be). This tweet was deleted soon after. But