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Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps Crashing and Other Related Concerns

#Appcrashes is very common with Android devices so it is no longer a shocking discovery when you realize that one or more of your apps has gone haywire. There are a lot of suggested troubleshooting that you can look up online and resolve most of these issues. In this article, I have collated some emails

Samsung Galaxy S6 Music App Errors and Glitches

Good day dear readers! If you or someone you know is experiencing some issues playing music on your #SamsungGalaxyS6, this is the best place to step into. In the Android world, nothing is perfect. No matter how well you take care of your device, you can’t get rid of certain issues sprouting from time to

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 7]

Good day dear readers! Welcome to part seven of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 troubleshooting series. We have compiled common issues that you may encounter with your own device and have been responding to emails from some readers as well. Below are some of the communications we have received regarding this device. We have answered these as

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Lock Screen Problems

A lock screen issue is definitely not a newcomer when it comes to the technical problems that you will encounter with your #SamsungGalaxyS6EdgePlus. This post tackles the different concerns some users faced with their lock screens. If you have experienced the issue yourself, then continue reading and see if the solutions provided will resolve it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Boot and Lag Issues

Samsung Galaxy S5 boot and lag issues are very common. A lot of users have experienced these issues whenever their devices receive a new update or app. Detailed below are the troubleshooting steps that you can try to resolve these concerns. Hope this works for you. If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S5 or

Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Issues

  Hello dear readers! I am pleased to present you a collective iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S3 troubleshooting series. In this post we will tackle about some screen issues most Samsung Galaxy S3 users encounter. Below are some of the emails we have received from our avid followers who have problems with their Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Power Issues

  Most of the time we encounter charging, battery, and other power related issues with our #Samsung #GalaxyS6Edge device. May it be minor or a major one; this is the kind of problem that we need to find a solution ASAP as it prevents us from using the device completely. Below are some of the

Samsung Galaxy S5 Calling and Receiving Issues

#Samsung Galaxy #S5 is a powerful mobile device that lets you do a lot of things especially with its call and forwarding feature. The call functionality is the most common and widely used service day in and day out. We cannot let a day go by without connecting to our friends and loved ones. Thus,

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Can’t Connect to a PC

Hello Android users! Here’s a write up about issues encountered by some of you who attempted to connect a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to a PC. The most common is the phone not being recognized by the PC which I have elucidated in detail. If you happen to encounter this problem, here’s the basic thing

Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging and Power Concerns

Having trouble charging your Samsung Galaxy S5 device? Can’t maintain its charge? Battery juice drains pretty quickly? All of these issues have been tackled in this article. In general, charging issues are most likely caused by either the charger or the battery. Replacing any of these would resolve the problem ninety percent of the time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Network Connectivity Problems

Hi avid readers! Here’s another article that may aid you when resolving mobile and WIFI network connectivity issues with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. These problems are pretty common to an Android user so make the most of it. In the end though, the best resort is to contact the phone’s manufacturer for further assistance. If

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Charging and Power Issues

This article explores the different power issues of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that users are facing. Multiple articles and how-tos have been put up online in an attempt to aid Android users like you with this most common dilemma. Below are some of the charging and power issues that may be similar to yours. Check

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lagging and Performance Issues

Slow performance and lag issues are two of the common problems that an Android user may experience with his device. This can be a minor or a major issue but nonetheless, it gets frustrating if prolonged. Hope the troubleshooting steps below will aid you in identifying the culprit and completely resolve your concern. If you

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Power and Charging Concerns

  Every phone has its story. We create great memories with it. We love our phone so much that we are inclined to take care of it. However, no matter how we ever cautiously use it, a time would come that it goes out on us. Take the case of the proud owners who sent