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VLC Player For Android – Now Available in Google Play

One of the most popular players of cross-platform multimedia content has finally reached Google’s platform for mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from Google’s app store, Google Play. Many users have waited a traditional player to run both the audio content in optimal conditions and video clips in various formats. Fortunately, VideoLAN did


Android Users to Get Jelly Bean on Saint Tib’s Eve

In order to remind me again why I’m not using the Android OS, a simple survey among companies producing smartphones and tablets revealed that there are no plans to upgrade the terminals produced by the most of them. If in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the update did not come to the most Android users


Nexus 7 Does Not Support USB Flash Sticks

Google Nexus 7 is a budget tablet welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Android community, appreciated for its very attractive features package, offered at reasonable prices. Aside from the good quality of the screen, the powerful processor, the latest operating system and the battery with satisfying autonomy, Nexus 7 suffers from rather annoying limitations imposed


Google Play vs. Apple App Store in Figures

During the conference Google I/O held last night in San Francisco the giant began, as expected, to show off with the performance of its own applications store, Google Play. Let’s see how it stays in comparison with Apple’s application store, Apple App Store. Since both results were announced quite recently, the fight is even more


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned in the U.S. Why?

A judge at the Court in San Jose, CA, on Tuesday ordered the South Korean group Samsung to stop selling its tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States, while the court examines the complaint filed by Apple according to which Samsung would have been illegally copied the design of the iPad. The decision


Mozilla to Offer Faster Version of Firefox for Android

After much criticism from users unhappy with the poor performance, improper rendering of web pages and mediocre management of processing resources, Mozilla took drastic measures and decided to completely rebuild the edition for Android devices of its web browser, Firefox. Application start-up time has been reduced, pages are now loading faster and the use of

Windows Phone 8 Release Date: Microsoft’s Future Mobile OS

Windows Phone 8, the latest version of mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, has officially been announced during the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco. The changes are dramatic and things look very good, but a big minus is that the existing users of Windows Phone will not have access to the new all features