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Gmail SMS Service Launched in Three African Countries

Google apparently considers computer science education and its involvement in developing the condition of computer science as a course in high schools ofAfricaas a major goal for itself in 2012. They have even recently given grants to no less than 17 universities across Africa to boost their computer education courses. As a part of this

AT&T Launches Copy of Verizon’s Mobile Share Plan

What appears to be an identical copy of the recently-launched share plan launched by Verizon, AT&T has revealed a set of shareable data plans for its users too. These plans, known as Mobile Share plans, are not mandatory at the moment, and allow users to share a fixed amount of data per month among ten

YouTube Launches New Face Blurring Tool

In a new update to the video upload and publishing feature, YouTube has announced on its official blog the launch of a face blurring tool. This new YouTube face-blurring tool will allow users to blur out the faces in a video after having successfully uploaded it. “Additional features” will open up where the user can

Mirror’s Edge for Nokia Lumia Devices

Those who enjoyed playing the Xbox Live 2010 edition game the Mirror’s Edge, they would now have the option to enjoy it on their Nokia Lumia phones as well. Nokia teamed up with EA games and finally brought that up exclusively for their discerning Lumia users. The game downloads at 131 MB and initial tests

Nokia Transport Now Available for Download

Stuck in traffic and wishing you could have an option to simply bailout and reach your destination on time? With coverage in more than 450 cities and places with transit departure timings for 100 cities, the Nokia Transport has finally come out of the beta testing phase, being now available for download. So what does

Blackberry 10 Release Date: New Official Information Released

In a recent interview by Research-In-Motion’s new CMO Frank Boulben and their CEO Thorsten Heins, they have given some insight into the probable launch dates for the new full touch screen BlackBerry and the QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry 10’s. Apparently they will be launched sometime in the first quarter of 2013 and that pushes the dates

Facebook Scans Chats and Posts for Criminal Activity

Call this a precursor to privacy issues or a strong and effective step towards desisting wicked criminal minds from exploiting the under aged. Facebook has recently admitted to checking and scanning messages, posts and updates for suspected criminal activities on its platform. It is well known that Facebook has a tremendous data mining capability, being

Twitter for Android Updated

The world over Twitter is the easiest way to know what your friends are doing in 140 characters or less. Even since its launch, Twitter has quickly become one of the best social media platforms for the Internet users all over the world. With the launch of Twitter apps for smartphones and tablets, the on-the-go