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Android Jelly Bean Ported to Nokia N9

How does it feel to have a beautiful piece of hardware such as the Nokia N9 ported with the latest Android OS? The synergy of two beautiful pieces of technology has happened and the hackers and developers sweating it out have finally managed to have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ported to Nokia N9 successfully. For

Nokia Drive Updated and Ready for Download

A new update is being launched for the Nokia Drive Windows Phone app. The feature is known as My Commute. The app is actually a traffic data updater with the added feature of suggesting alternate routes for your daily route. It has a memory feature that remembers the time you usually leave home everyday and

Chinese Internet Users Are Going Mobile

China and its over 1-billion population is a dream market for any electronics company. Apparently, the news that there is a 380 million strong desktop Internet user community is a testimony to the fact that the Chinese are voracious when it comes to Internet consumption. But what makes the news even more interesting is the

Google Nexus 7 – First Impressions

Sharon Machlis, the managing editor at Computerworld has recently got her hands on the new Google Nexus 7, the highly anticipated 7” tablet of the year that has been launched earlier this year. She has recently published a review video for the device. Apparently, she was so interested in buying one for herself that she

Google is Quiet on Motorola

While they did mention the world that they acquired Motorola Mobility back in August for $12.5 billion, Google has been surprisingly quiet about their plans post the acquisition. While revenues and profitability seems to be going only one direction for the search giant, with numbers such as 11% profitability increase, everybody was expecting some updates

Another AMD Chip Engineer Joins Apple

For Apple, the favorite place to shop for a chip designer seems to be AMD or at least for the last decade or so it is. The latest AMD employee that Apple successfully ported on to its payroll is a graphics and system-on-a-chip expert. This is safely one area that Apple is trying to focus

The New iPad Makes a Low-Key Launch in China

Friday marked the launch of the latest iPad from Apple inChina. The launch was rather quiet and many experts and consumers in China noted it for being a rather low key affair. Many can still remember the riotous scenes that marred the launch of the iPhone 4S back in January when consumers were waiting for

Sky Extends Support for Sky Go App to Additional Samsung Phones

In a recent move, the content provider Sky has extended support for its TV Android app to additional three smartphones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S 3, the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note. The on demand streaming TV app Sky Go is currently free for all existing subscribers. The latest updates bring several new

New Virgin Mobile Store Coming Up

Virgin Mobile has traditionally stayed away from starting a store of their own. They have always used the platform of other stores, online or offline such as Best Buy to market their products and services. However, all this is about to change soon. Virgin Mobile is going to open its first store this week, amid

Nokia is Promising “Something Amazing” On September 7

Is Nokia planning something big this September? If the signs are to be believed, that might just be the case. In some recent snaps that were taken outside the now closed Nokia store in Helsinki “something amazing” is going to happen on September 7. What it could be? Nokia is currently undergoing a troubled phase

Nokia Passing a Critical Phase for the Third Quarter in a Row

Finnish smartphone giant Nokia is passing through a difficult phase as its revenues from phone sales have slumped. So bad is the situation that even after the launch of the latest brand of Lumia phones slumping sales of the other phones are becoming too overwhelming to be suppressed. However, Nokia has a sufficient cash reserve