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Patent Wars: Samsung Faulted For Purging Email In Apple Case

The judge in the Apple vs Samsung patent case has been throwing the book at the Korean manufacturer. They recently went under fire for failing to turn over source code pertaining to a work-around that Samsung has used to protect itself from a patent Apple holds for “overscroll-bounce”. Samsung didn’t give that source code up

Florian Mueller Is A Fraud?

The interwebs went wild on Friday when it was revealed that trusted patent blogger Florian Mueller is actually being paid by Oracle and may be in line for a top paying job with the company that’s embattled in a bitter patent suit with Google. Over the past couple of years, the self proclaimed patent expert

CTIA 2012 Hands On With The ZTE Era

The new ZTE Era was originally introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.  This new Android powered smartphone is ZTE’s flagship smartphone for this season and with it’s specs you can definitely see why. It’s powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 4+1 core (quad-core) processor. It also features Nvidia’s Icera 450 HSPA+ modem.

CTIA 2012 We Go Hands On With The ZTE V96 Android Tablet

Here at CTIA 2012 in New Orleans the ZTE block was definitely hot with several of their new Android devices that debuted at MWC on display and ready for hands on. The ZTE V96 Android tablet features a respectable 1.7ghz Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 dual-core processor.  The 10.1″ tablet has a 1280×800 pixel multitouch display and

CTIA 2012 We Go Hands On With The Huawei D-Quad

The quad-core Android beast from China’s Huawei was on display at CTIA in New Orleans where the block was definitely hot.  When we got up close and personal with the Huawei Ascend D-Quad we found that it’s just as sexy as we thought it would be. Both Huawei and their Chinese rival ZTE have vowed

CTIA 2012 We Check Out The “Thing Sling”

This is one of those contraptions, or accessories that seems so simple that you think “Why didn’t I think of that” well the reason is because Thing Sling did.  These cell phone holders allow you to easily grip your phone and NOT DROP it which is always useful. Thing Sling comes in a variety of

Virgin Mobile Announces 4G With HTC Evo V 4G May 31

As originally tipped here, to the world, by Thedroidguy last summer, Sprint has shifted their 4G WiMax network to their prepaid brands, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. Virgin Mobile USA will introduce 4G speeds to their prepaid customers on May 31st with the introduction of the HTC Evo V 4G. The new HTC Evo V

CTIA 2012: We Talk With Safely About Android And More VIDEO

We talk with Safely. Safely specializes in kids and safety on smartphones. The company covers everything from texting while driving, geo-locating kids and family members, and smartphone management. Most families want to get their younger children a smartphone. Smartphones, Androids in particular can be very useful. But once the decision is made to get the

Verizon Employees Pushing Android Over iPhone, Here’s Why

A CNN Money report over the weekend has really got the interwebs chatting about iPhone vs Android and why in the world Verizon Wireless is back to hawking Android first. It was almost three years ago that Verizon Wireless and Motorola teamed up for the original Motorola Droid. With all the marketing, fanfare and promotions

HTC One X Now Available From AT&T

One of the best Android phones we’ve seen in a while is the brand new HTC One X. We’ve had it in our office for about two weeks now and we’ll have a complete review shortly. Early on we can tell you that the screen is absolutely brilliant. The phone is very light and feels

Verizon First To Commit To 911 Texting

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest carrier, has announced that they are going to roll out the ability to text 911 in early 2013. The FCC suggested this of all carriers back in 2010 and Verizon Wireless is the first to announce that they will support it. There are so many different instances where the ability

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Bets Part Of His Salary On iPhone

If you’ve been a long time reader of thedroidguy then you know how much we like Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Here’s very approachable, he treats his employees well and he’s a great speaker. In fact, we normally refer to Hesse as the CEO Next Door because he seems like he could be your next door

Best Buy Loses 4th Key Executive, Let The Worrying Begin

Growing up in the Baltimore/Washington area my first experience with big consumer electronics stores was Luskins. That was quickly followed by many a night and weekend day spent at Circuit City. I could have easily been that little kid who wanted to get the difference back on my headphones. Then there was Best Buy, where

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S III Side By Side Comparison

In case you were wondering how the Samsung Galaxy S III stacked up against the iPhone 4S, the folks at Business Insider did this great little spec comparison. If you’re an iPhone fan you may be on the wrong website, however if you are an iPhone fan, here is the one advantage the iPhone 4S

Apple And Samsung Account For 99% Of Mobile Profits?

With the constant patten court battles between Apple and Samsung, we learned a few days back that Samsung and Apple may account for 90% of the mobile profits. This number seems a little outlandish, however we are hearing now that the 90% figure may be wrong. According to the latest research from Asymco Apple took