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Nvidia Announces Games Optimized For Tegra 3

Nvidia’s Tegra Zone is a double edged sword. On one end if you have a Tegra device you can use the Tegra Zone app in the Android market to quickly locate games that are optimized for Tegra processors. On the other hand, the games in “THD” are only available for Tegra processors. Last year, with

App Spotlight: Facebook Timeline Covers

Have you switched over your Facebook profile to the new timeline magazine style profile? If you have, than you’ve probably run across a situation where you’ve been out and about and thought, damn that would make a great cover photo for my Facebook. Well now, with a new app called Facebook Timeline Covers you can

Tablet Owners Clicking Adds More Than Smartphone Owners

New research from Neilsen, published today, shows an interesting piece of information. 24% of tablet owners are clicking on ads that they are viewing on their devices to learn more about a product. That number is over double the percentage of smartphone owners doing the same thing. According to Neilsen, only 11% of smartphone owners are

Google Backs Out Of Clearwire, Liquidates Holding For 47 Million

Back in 2008 as Clearwire was emerging as the new 4G platform, Google invested over half a billion dollars in the Craig McCaw backed start up for 6.5% of the company. As we’ve seen over the last four years, things at Clearwire didn’t go according to plan.¬† They constantly shuffled executives and couldn’t hit their

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Now

If you are one of those fortunate people who made the decision to pick up Asus’ first Eee Pad Transformer tablet, we’re sure you weren’t disappointed. The original Transformer is a great piece of hardware and did better than rivals from Acer and Lenovo. Now, you’ll be loving your tablet even more as Asus has

Huawei 10″ Tablet Leaks Ahead Of Mobile World Congress

According to the rumors building up next week is going to be huge for Chinese Manufacturer Huawei. We all saw the Ascend P1 and P1S at CES in January. We were very impressed with the size of the phone, speed and of course that it’s going to have Ice Cream Sandwich out of the gate.

New Barnes & Noble Nook Looking To Take On Kindle Fire?

Theverge has obtained an internal Walmart memo that cites a new 8gb Barnes & Noble Nook presumably to take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. If the memo is to be believed than the new 8gb Nook Tablet should be in WalMart stores on Wednesday morning. If we do in fact see a new Barnes and

SwiftKey X Celebrates 1 Millionth Personalization, Becomes Even More Intuitive

SwiftKey X just updated their application in the Android Market. With that they brought their one millionth personalization to the most intuitive and predictive third party keyboard app for Android. SwiftKey X developers have added what they call “conversation models” to the application which make the app more predictive especially in IM and texting applications.

Motorola Droid X Owners Targeted For Soak Test

Motorola Mobility is preparing a soak test for those Motorola Droid X owners in their feedback program. This is a soak test for the original Droid X and not the Droid X too. Before you get too worked up this is NOT going to be a soak test for a magical Android 4.0 Ice Cream

Swype Beta Updated To Support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Everybody’s favorite third party keyboard, Swype, has been updated to support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That means those of you with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus can enjoy swyping as you have with other devices. The Swype Beta with Ice Cream Sandwich support is NOT available in the Android Market but it can be downloaded

Time Warner To Offer Streaming Video To Subscribers On Android 4.0 Soon

Time Warner’s Director of Digital Communication, Jeff Simmermon, took to Twitter on Wednesday to calm rumors that Time Warner Cable was going to start streaming video to their customers. Time Warner already offers customers streaming video on iOS devices and hopes to start offering the service to customers with Android devices by the end of