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Eric Schmidt: We Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Use Java

While Oracle may not agree, Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt said in court Tuesday that they did not need anyone’s permission to use Java in Android. This was part of testimony being taken now in the trial between Oracle and Google. The question of whether Google needed permission to use Java from

T-Mobile’s New Huawei MyTouch Shows Up At FCC

Back in March we reported that we had heard that Chinese manufacturer Huawei was going to be the next manufacturer to have a stab at T-Mobil’e MyTouch brand. Well that’s turned into reality as at least one of the reported two Huawei MyTouch devices has made it to the FCC clearance center in Columbia Maryland.

Gartner: 120 Million Tablets This Year?

Gartner recently issued their forecast for tablet computer sales for 2012. The research firm says that 118.9 million tablets will be sold to end users this year. This figure represents a 98% increase from 2011. Of those 118.9 million tablets Apple is expected to command 61.4% of that market share. Apple sold 40 million iPads

Whoops: HTC One S May Not Be As Durable As We Once Thought

Last month we brought you this story about how HTC was using the same ceramic coating process on their newest smartphones that NASA used on their latest satellites. We would think that meant that the newest HTC phones would be amazingly durable, and in fact HTC suggests just that in the video that appears in

HTC One S April 25th?

It looks like T-Mobile may be getting the HTC One S on April 25th. If an internal screen shot obtained by Tmonews is correct we won’t have much longer to wait for HTC’s new flagship One S. The One S was the “better” in the good, better, best HTC One phones announced at Mobile World

Hulu Plus To Select Android Tablets

If you’re using Hulu Plus to stay up to date with all your favorite tv programs you may be pleased to know that the Hulu+ app is now available for select Android tablets. Like Netflix, Hulu needs to make sure that the viewing experience is at it’s optimum performance for each of the nearly 1,000

Samsung Galaxy Note Hits 5 Million In 5 Months

Tuesday night we brought you a story about some estimated numbers in Samsung’s smartphone sales. According to a Korean website, they expect that Samsung will report that they have sold 40 to 44 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2012. To fuel that estimate, SamsungTomorrow reported yesterday that Samsung has sold 5 million of

T-Mobile Increasing Premium Data Package Rates On April 4th

Tmonews has obtained an internal memo from T-Mobile highlighting changes to their unlimited-premium 5GB and ultra 10gb premium value plans. According to the leaked document both of those packages will increase by $5.00. These two great plans from T-Mobile will still include the Mobile Life album and T-Mobile’s mobile hotspot features at no additional cost.

Verizon/Motorola Connected Home Gateway Clears FCC

One of the coolest things about the Android operating system is the way that some companies are thinking outside of the box and designing things utilizing Android outside of the realm of phones and tablets. One of those categories is home automation. Last year at Google IO during the first days keynote Google showed off

Google Announces Update To Android SDK

Google has announced an update is available to the Android software developer’s kit (SDK). The new SDK and Eclipse plugin bring the SDK to revision 17. The latest release is feature packed and provides a bunch of bug fixes. Some of the most notable features are: Adding experimental support for multi-touch input by enabling the

Rockstar Hit LA Noire Now Available For Android Via OnLive

If you’re into gaming and you’re not on the OnLive platform you’re missing out. OnLive’s cloud based gaming system is bringing huge hits with amazing game play to Android tablets and smartphones via the cloud. The service offers inexpensive games, free trials and games that you pay to play. There’s something for everyone. The latest

Samsung Galaxy S III To Have Quad Core Exonys Processor

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy S III, has taken over the rumor train that was the Galaxy Nexus’ before launch. There have been rumors, photo leaks, fake photo leaks, fake spec leaks and more. All we know for sure is that sometime this spring Samsung will unveil the Galaxy

TED Announces New Android App

TED, one of the top producers of technology and industry conferences in the world, today announced the new TEDtalks app. With the new app Android users can choose from over 1100 industry related keynotes, conference lectures and fireside chats to view across multiple Android devices. According to TED the app is optimized for a wide

HTC To Package Beats Solo Headphones With HTC One X?

It appears that HTC is going to offer some kind of package for the new HTC One X with a pair of high level Beats Solo, over the ear headphones. Currently, HTC Android phones that come with Beats Audio, come with a nice pair of beats earbuds. With this package the customer will get one

T-Mobile Adding Any Mobile Any Time Starting April 4

T-Mobile will join the ranks of Sprint, and at one time AT&T, by offering any mobile anytime starting on April 4th.  They aren’t asking an arm and a leg either for this new feature. Unlimited mobile to mobile doesn’t require any change to your contract, just $10/month. Tmonews obtained the screen shot above and as

Google Maps For Android Gets Significant Update

Google has update the Google Maps app in the Google Play Store (Android Market). They’ve done away with the older text only menu for Google Maps and traded it in for the more colorful and iconic menu seen in the screen shot above. The newest version of Google Maps is version 6.4.0 According to the

Samsung Launches Galaxy Player 70 Plus: 5 Inch Personal Media Player

Samsung has ripped the cellular connectivity out of their highly successful Galaxy line of Android phones and created the “Galaxy Player” line. This line of new personal media players is designed to take on the iPod touch, by offering all the features of their Android smartphones, aside from the “phone” part. Samsung has just announced

Motorola Xoom 4G Upgrade Ending March 31st

If you were one of the early adopters of the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, you may want to pay attention to this important information. People who purchased the original 3G Motorola Xoom that needed to be upgraded to 4G/LTE, time is running out to have that upgrade performed. Motorola has announced