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China plans to grow vegetation on Mars and the Moon

China takes its ambitious space exploration program to a brand new level after it announced its goal of cultivating fresh vegetables to provide their astronauts with sufficient food on Mars and the Moon. China said it has already completed its initial test in Beijing this week and it so far yields positive result. According to

AT&T Sells 6.4 million smartphones in third quarter of 2012

Leading wireless service provider AT&T reportedly sold 6.4 million units of smartphone in the third quarter and is on pace of breaking its projected sales by the end of the year, the company announced this week. AT&T’s mobility arm CEO Ralph De La Vega said the carrier is experiencing a solid year in business as

Sony’s ex-CEO Stringer announces plan to retire in June

Howard Stringer, who was relieved from his duty as the Chief Executive Officer of Sony last year, announced his plan to step down from the board of directors in June during the company’s annual general shareholders meeting. According to the Financial Times, Stringer will formally cut his tie with one of the leading consumer electronic

Apple to announce plan with massive stash of cash

American tech firm Apple is reportedly set to make an announcement regarding its next business move after profiting remarkably from the sales of their products last year, a corporate insider reported on Monday. Apple, who achieved record-breaking gains due to the popularity of iPhone and iPad, is ready to unveil its next plan to reallocate

Printable Organ Could Be Available In Future

A potential breakthrough in the field of medicine could change the course of time and give patients with serious diseases a second chance at life by transplanting an exact copycat of their organs. A research project at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland in partnership with stem cell technology company Roslin Cellab are trying to find a

Xiaomi Technology — China’s Next Big Thing in Mobile Industry

With high-quality products, solid marketing strategy and charismatic leader, Xiaomi Technology developed into a $4 billion worth company and on its way to become China’s dominant phone maker three years from its creation. Xiaomi Technology has become a leading brand in the world’s largest mobile market, offering a plethora of smartphone models that drew instant

Apple Shares Plummet Anew

Apple suffered another major blow on the trading floor after its stocks plummeted anew, but this time the i-Phone and i-Pad maker lost four percent and closed down 6.4 percent to $538.79 on Thursday’s result on the stock exchange market. After reaching its highest point ever since Apple started offering stocks, the Silicon Valley-based company

Dish-owned Blockbuster Could Sell Mobile Phones Soon

Blockbuster could soon be selling mobile phones at its retails stores after its mother company Dish recently announced its plan to provide phone services along with internet and videos. Dish continues to diversify its business by updating its technology and providing new services other than their cables business. Obviously, Blockbuster also needs to make a

NASA Sending 1.5 billion Worth Rover to Mars in 2020

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced on Wednesday its plan to send another ‘buggy’ to the moon in 2020. NASA said the next unmanned vehicle to be sent to the Red Planet will be hugely based on the concept behind curiosity. After a highly successful launching of Curiosity, NASA said its next Mars rover

Dec. 2 Suprasses Black Friday, CyberMonday in Online Sales

e-Business giant eBay said Black Friday and CyberMonday were not as profitable as they had last Sunday, when eBay Marketplaces and Paypal gained most of their dollars since the start of the Holiday shopping spree. Cyber Monday and Black Friday bargain bonanzas sure are this year’s biggest day for retailers and businesses in sales. However,

Samsung Plans To Release Gadget Goodies Next Year

Korean Cheabol Samsung is currently working on a set of new gadgets to be released in the coming year, including the successor to its flagship phone Galaxy S3. A reliable corporate insider reported Tuesday. Speculations are already buzzing around the corporate world and the Internet universe about Samsung’s latest set of products as it attempts

Landfall Expansion Now Available on WOW; FIFA Ultimate Team Apps on FIFA 13

Video game giant Blizzard announced the Landfall Patch, the latest expansion to its MMO series, is now available for Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Landfall, also known as patch 5.1, will further expand the world of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, adding more story quests into the current series. Landfall introduces additional daily quests into the Krasarang

The Man Behind Fake Powerball-winning Ticket — Software Engineer

The man behind the fake powerball winning lotto ticket is no other than season computer programmer and SQL expert, Nolan Ryan Daniels – a software engineer. Daniels’ powerball stunt has been a smash hit in the Internet this past week, drawing 2 million users to share the photo for the chance of getting $1 million.

Apple, Intel Working on New Venture

Apple and Intel are likely brewing another joint venture that would further enhance the processing capabilities of mobile devices such as iPhone and next-generation iPads. RBC Capital markets provided an intriguing idea that would further strengthen the business relationship between the two tech pioneers. RBC analyst Doug Freedman said Apple might be considering a new

Sprint to impose $10 charge on Nextel iDEN customers

Call service provider Sprint recently announced its plan to impose an additional $10 charge against Nextel iDEN customers in January in an attempt to encourage customers to upgrade their phones to CDMA push-to-talk service. Sprint, the third largest long distance provider by subscribers, is apparently luring its subscribers to switch to CMDA before they shut

Google purchases BufferBox, Yahoo ordered to pay 2.7 billion

Internet giant Google once again expanded its business by acquiring a company that provides delivery of lockers. Google announced its purchase of BufferBox last Friday, making it another major step in its e-commerce venture. Founded by Jay Shah Adityah Bali and Mike McCauley in 2010, BufferBox’s main business is offering users temporary parcels pickup stations