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Less than 300 phone numbers were probed by US Government in 2012

According to an unclassified document circulated Saturday, NSA probed less than 300 phone numbers last year. This comes at a time when tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft are trying to regain the confidence of their customers by revealing the number of requests received and granted by these companies. And looks like the Obama Government

Symbian is now officially dead

Well its official, Symbian is dead. What was once, one of the most used OS, Symbian is now dead after Nokia Pureview 808, the last handset running on Symbian platform stopped shipping. This news is not that surprising as Nokia had already announced that they would stop making Symbian handsets back in 2011, when they

US will continue to dominate internet traffic in 2017

Every year Cisco publishes their report on online traffic and data usage and this year’s report show some interesting information. Cisco estimates that over 1.4 zetabytes of data will be transferred globally by 2017. To give you a perspective on how big the figure is, 1.4 zetabyte is equivalent to over 1 billion DVDs played

Images of the aluminum shell of Nokia EOS leaked online

We have got more leaks on the unannounced Nokia EOS smartphone. An image of the Aluminum body has surfaced online and it confirms the rumored 41 MP camera on the device. These days, it’s quite hard for companies to keep their unannounced phones from the internet. Recently we saw images of a black colored device

Lg may scrap their Optimus name for future high end devices

For the past few years, Lg has been busy developing new smartphones under their Optimus brand name and we have already seen plenty of high end successful devices with the same name. But new reports suggest that LG is planning to drop their famous Optimus nameplate for their high end devices and will come up

Vine becomes the top selling social app on the play store

We have seen many new social apps emerge in the past few years and without doubt one of the most famous app on the play store is Instagram. Instagram has been the top social app on the play store for quite some time but today, Vine has finally surpassed Instagram to grab the top social

Google in trouble for selling illegal online pharmacy ads

Just two years after settling charges against illegal online pharmacy ads for $500 million, Google’s advertising division; the major revenue generator of the company is back in trouble. According to the accusation made by the Mississippi state attorney general, Jim Hood, Google still allows ads that sell illegal pharmacy drugs. Mr. Hood claims that the

HTC One grabs the ‘Best Device’ award at Computex

Earlier this year when HTC managed to grab the best device award at Mobile World Congress, we were not surprised at all. The Galaxy S4 was not yet released and the HTC One was undoubtedly the device at the show. After that the device managed to grab many more awards and at the recent Computex