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Blackberry Responds to Samsungs Knox Security

With Samsung moving on Blackberry’s business jurisdiction via its SECURE with Knox launching, it’s not too astonishing the Canadian ensemble features several choice phrases on the topic. We talked with cellular processing Executive VP Donald T. Cruz, who discovers it “flattering” that Samsung is going for the same curiosity in business protection, but said it

Reuters Reports Apple Inc Hacked

Reuters reports that Apple has announced they have been targeted by the same group of computer hackers who hit Facebook but they report no data seems to be stolen. Last Friday Facebook revealed it had been hacked in a widespread manner and that the hack traced back to China and that the attack was quite

Best Buy to Price Match Online Retailers

Best Buy has announced that, like Target, they will begin to price match certain online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. This policy will go into effect for all locations on March 3rd. This should come as great news for anyone who is aware of how much money can be saved via online shopping but

Steam Officially Released On Ubuntu

The Steam client is officially out for Ubuntu and to celebrate all the games for Steam that work for Linux are 50-75% off. The Steam client for Ubuntu has been in beta for a few months and can now be found in the distros Software Center. This is great news for Linux gamers (or at

Opera Passes 300 Million Users, New Mobile Apps Soon

Opera, one of the many browsers out there alongside others such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, has announced it has passed 300 million users worldwide. This is an interesting turn in the browser wars, Opera is typically thought to be one of the lesser competitors in the war. The news from Opera also

iPhone Trademark Given to Small Android Manufacturer in Brazil

Looks like Apple wasn’t the first company to register use the name iPhone in Brazil. A small Android phone manufacturer called Gradiente Eletronica recently had a Brazilian court rule in its favor against a trademark dispute it took against Apple over the use of the word “iPhone”. Apparently Gradiente had filed for registration of the

Slacker Redesigns Web and Mobile UI

Slacker, the online radio streaming service similar to Pandora, has completely redesigned its look starting today. Gone is the old gold and black color scheme which always felt dated and out of place when compared to competitors such as Pandora and Rdio and replaced with something that feels more like it was actually created with

Corsair to Purchase Simple Audio

Scotland-based company Simple Audio announced today that it has been acquired by Corsair, the American PC component manufacturer. Simple Audio is a five year old audio company which is perhaps best known in Europe for its series of networked set-top receivers. Similar to the Sonos that are capable of sharing music from PCs, Macs, iPods,

Intel to Release Set Top Streaming Box

Turns out the recent rumblings of Intel releasing a media streaming box to compete with the Apple TV and Roku were right. Erik Hugers, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Media announced at D:Drive Into Media 2013 that Intel would in fact be getting into the streaming set top box arena. Like other set top