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Blackberry Responds to Samsungs Knox Security

With Samsung moving on Blackberry’s business jurisdiction via its SECURE with Knox launching, it’s not too astonishing the Canadian ensemble features several choice phrases on the topic. We talked with cellular processing Executive VP Donald T. Cruz, who discovers it “flattering” that Samsung is going for the same curiosity in business protection, but said it might take awhile to catch up because his own business’s been performing it “since 1999.”


Obviously, the latter now supports Android and iOS products, but Cruz added that the chief difficulty with Samsung’s strategy is Android it self — which he seems brings its own tote of risky worms to the business room. With Samsung touting Knox’s ability to individual business capabilities from the user’s “personal space,” Smith directed to the Stability application — which has been doing that because 2011 — declaring it’s the only remedy that “can successfully keep sensitive company info protected while maintaining an individual’s private information private.” On the other hand, Jones said Android is nevertheless fundamentally “exposed” because of its open character, while BB engineered its Rim OS kernel in-house to be protected which element was “entirely realized” by business technicians. He added that developers are always fine-tuning these functions for its BB10 and legacy devices, including that it might provide new Android and iOS “containers” and additional features after this year to help foster protection for those gadgets. Naturally, the outfit’s probably expecting you’ll need one of its gleaming new products to swipe or snap, but a failure that, says that you’ll be probably the most dependable under its BES 10 umbrella, regardless of the phone.

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Reuters Reports Apple Inc Hacked

Reuters reports that Apple has announced they have been targeted by the same group of computer hackers who hit Facebook but they report no data seems to be stolen. Last Friday Facebook revealed it had been hacked in a widespread manner and that the hack traced back to China and that the attack was quite sophisticated, but, like Apple, they reported no user information was compromised. Apple has stated they have been working with various law enforcement agencies to track down the hackers. But, apparently, only a small number of Apples employees Macs were actually breached and so far their investigations have turned up no evidence that any actual data left the Apple network. But they did announce they would be releasing a patch later today for consumers to protect them from attacks if the vectors ever became public information.

apple hacked
These types of cyber security attacks from China have been a growing concern in American foreign policy for quite some time. There is an article in this week issues of TIME Magazine discussing what could be the Chinese Military’s Hacking Unit in the middle of a small town. The Chinese government repeatedly denies any accusations of state sponsored hacking and states that such attacks are illegal and also reminds American officials that their country also has countless numbers of rogue hacking groups working counter to their desires. Regardless if China is actively supporting these hacking groups, purposely ignoring their presence, or simply ignorant with what is happening on their tightly controlled network, it seems China is becoming a hot spot for hacking and is leading to a growing need for cyber security in all facets of the American infrastructure.

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Surface Pro Available for Preorder at Microsoft Store Website

The Pro version of the Microsoft Surface has been in short supply and hard to come by for nearly everyone. But as of today the tablet is up for pre order on the official Microsoft Store website. $999 will get you a 128GB version of the device and will be allegedly shipped on March 1st. The device is markedly different from a standard Microsoft Surface in that it runs the full version of Windows whereas its cheaper self runs only Windows RT which is on the ARM processor making it incompatible with the vast array of Windows apps on the market. In fact, outside of a little hacking, the RT version of the Surface is only capable of running apps from the official Windows App Marketplace. And given how new that is and somewhat untested, it is not surprising that it may be lacking for many users, especially those who might be migrating from an Android tablet or iPad.

Surface Pro

The ability for the Pro version of the Surface tablet to run nearly any Windows app and game (with some like Civilization 5 already updated to have the new input method of the tablet in use) is probably why the popularity of the device has been so huge and seemingly bigger than what Microsoft had anticipated and could meet the demand for early in the devices launch. The ability to take a full copy of Windows capable of running all Windows apps on the go with a touch interface has proven to be very enticing to consumers.

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Best Buy to Price Match Online Retailers

Best Buy has announced that, like Target, they will begin to price match certain online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. This policy will go into effect for all locations on March 3rd. This should come as great news for anyone who is aware of how much money can be saved via online shopping but still longs for the instant gratification of traditional shopping at brick and mortar locations. As previously mentioned, Target also decided to permanently price match Amazon earlier this year in a move they said was to keep shoppers from simply “window dressing” or looking around a Target to get a physical handle on an item and look it over before heading home to purchase it on Amazon (or even purchasing it right there in the store on Amazon with their smartphones). It would seem Best Buy is enacting this new set of policies for similar reasons.

File photo of a Best Buy logo during Thanksgiving Day in San Francisco

But it is not all good news for consumers of the big blue box with the yellow tag, they have also announced they are slashing the return window for all items in half, down to 15 days from 30. This does seem like a fair enough trade off for the convience they are offering not to mention the potential deals. With Best Buy and Target now directly competing with Amazon and other online retailers one has to wonder how this will affect other big box stores such as Wal-Mart and if they too will start to enact similar policies to stay competitive. If they do we will be reporting on them and this new and exciting trend in retail.

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Steam Officially Released On Ubuntu

The Steam client is officially out for Ubuntu and to celebrate all the games for Steam that work for Linux are 50-75% off. The Steam client for Ubuntu has been in beta for a few months and can now be found in the distros Software Center. This is great news for Linux gamers (or at least Ubuntu Linux gamers); right now the software library may not be anywhere near as comprehensive as its Windows counterpart, but that was also a similar story when Steam first launched on OS X. Since then many games were ported over to OS X thanks to there being a tried and trued time tested platform for them to be distributed on in the form of Steam.


For a long time Windows had been the singular choice for serious PC gamers with those on OS X getting a few games here and there depending on the developer or publisher, with Blizzard being one of the few to always release OS X versions of their hit titles. When Steam came to OS X it changed all of that and hopefully the release of Steam for Linux will do the same for that game fledgling platform. A majority of the games available for Linux via Steam have already been available for the platform previously outside of Steam, but notably now Source games, those that are made by Valve or utilize said Valve engine, will start to be available for Linux thanks to the company porting the entire engine over to Linux. Currently there is no official word if the software will be available for other distributions of Linux in the future.

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Opera Passes 300 Million Users, New Mobile Apps Soon

Opera, one of the many browsers out there alongside others such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, has announced it has passed 300 million users worldwide. This is an interesting turn in the browser wars, Opera is typically thought to be one of the lesser competitors in the war. The news from Opera also comes with information about its rumored switch to WebKit for its rendering engine. The company has confirmed it has been experimenting with the engine in multiple research projects and that they did in fact demo it in the form of the codename ICE last month.


There was also news released today about a new update to the Android version of their browser. They announced a big change will be shown off at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain which starts a little under two weeks from now. As Opera barely cracks into the top free of the Android apps list this new interface being unveiled at MWC might give them some much needed publicity and help to accelerate the browser to be in closer competition with other Android browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

The more options there are for users the better things are for users. More competition leads to more innovation and a strong desire to make each product stand out from the rest and keeps the market from falling into blandness and a lack of innovation. Opera has always been a sort of low key browser marketed toward lower end phones and has the ability to compress web pages similar to the built in Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle Fire line of devices. The new browser may try to rectify this sort of image and be much more feature filled like its competition has turned into since Operas original mobile release.

Source: Android Central

iPhone Trademark Given to Small Android Manufacturer in Brazil

Looks like Apple wasn’t the first company to register use the name iPhone in Brazil. A small Android phone manufacturer called Gradiente Eletronica recently had a Brazilian court rule in its favor against a trademark dispute it took against Apple over the use of the word “iPhone”. Apparently Gradiente had filed for registration of the name in 2000 long before Apple had started to manufacturer and sell the iPhone. For now, the small Android phone company has been cleared to continue using the name iphone on its devices but it is more likely than not that Apple will appeal the decision in the Brazilian courts.


This isn’t the first time Apple has run into people who have used the completely obvious and unoriginal name of iPhone before. The same year the iPhone was released Linksys had a trademark dispute with the fruit based computer company due to its own Linksys iPhone that had been made by Cisco between 2001 and 2006. And before that the device had been manufactured by Infogear all the way back to 1998. Eventually the two companies settled the trademark dispute and decided to allow one another to use the name iPhone in exchange for “exploring interoperability” between the two companies line of products. Although there never was any use of iPhone name again by the Cisco company but that is not to say some monetary transaction was not also part of Apple getting Cisco to drop the trademark dispute against the company for their use of iPhone.

Slacker Redesigns Web and Mobile UI

Slacker, the online radio streaming service similar to Pandora, has completely redesigned its look starting today. Gone is the old gold and black color scheme which always felt dated and out of place when compared to competitors such as Pandora and Rdio and replaced with something that feels more like it was actually created with modern UI theory in mind, specifically it feels as if several cues were taken from the Metro UI of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The new interface uses blue and white as its main colors and has big bold buttons instead of the older small ones that made the entire experience feel cluttered. The web experience as a whole just feels like a completely new app which is a good thing for what may be a fledgling company compared to its competitor.


The updates to the interface don’t just stop at its web app either, all the mobile apps have been refreshed to fall in line with the new UI. Which as previously mentioned makes it feel like a Windows Phone 8 app. This new design is much welcome for all fans of the service who might have been tempted by Pandora or Rdio as both of those companies continually update and retweak their interfaces to stay more modern and fresh. The Slacker radio service has alwys offered unique takes on the world of Internet streaming radio such as ABC or ESPN news updates able to be placed into a station every so often for those that so desire such a feature and real DJs commenting on upcoming songs in playlists. The service also uses a mix of personalized station tweaking with premade playlists by DJs to create a completely unique listener experience. And with this latest update to its UI the service maybe more appealing than ever to some.

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Corsair to Purchase Simple Audio

Scotland-based company Simple Audio announced today that it has been acquired by Corsair, the American PC component manufacturer. Simple Audio is a five year old audio company which is perhaps best known in Europe for its series of networked set-top receivers. Similar to the Sonos that are capable of sharing music from PCs, Macs, iPods, and TVs.


Simple Audio’s limited appeal in Europe is apparently no longer enough of a draw for the small company which is part of the reason why they sold up to Corsair; to potentially extend their reach into the Americas and perhaps world wide. There was no mention on the exact dollar figures the company was sold for, only mentioned in the PR release that it was a multi-million dollar deal. Corsair had had been looking into purchasing the small company for well over two years now and apparently felt like now was the right time to make a move. Bringing in another competitor to the market against Sonos will hopefully benefit consumers. Until now the only other type of solution to whole home streaming can in the form of Apples mostly propitiatory solution: AirPlay. With another player now in this field it is not unreasonable to believe there will be stronger competition which could lead to lower prices and more diverse array of features.

The market for these type of devices currently seems quite small, but that could be simply due to them being priced at something of an enthusiast price. With Corsair now backing Simple Audio it would not be out of the realm of possibility to see that company use its supply chain and expertise to drive down the cost of the products to a more consumer friendly level.

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Intel to Release Set Top Streaming Box

Turns out the recent rumblings of Intel releasing a media streaming box to compete with the Apple TV and Roku were right. Erik Hugers, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Media announced at D:Drive Into Media 2013 that Intel would in fact be getting into the streaming set top box arena. Like other set top boxes of this type, content will be delivered to users through their existing home internet through third party content providers such as Hulu and Netflix


The box is scheduled to be released later this year but it won’t be the fulfill the whole “vision” that Intel is hoping for at launch. Eventually Intel plans to include live tv, on demand, and DVR features. This box represents a long term plan for the company. Host for the interview, Walt Mossberg, inquired about the bundles that are part of current pay TV providers and if those will remain as part of Intel’s service and Huggers stated that while there is some value in bundles there is also clearly a yearning for more freedom in the way consumers have access to the content being provided to them and that Intel would recognize and try to address that need.

Intel clearly has some big plans for pay tv and tv set top steaming boxes and could shake things up for the market in a big way. This will definitely be a piece of tech to keep an eye on when it launches later this year.

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