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Printer Maker Lexmark To Dump Inkjet Printer Division And 1,700 Employees

Lexmark International has decided to restructure the company by doing away with its inkjet printer hardware division. The company announced today that it’s laying off around 1,700 employees around the world. The move, said the company, will allow it to save around $95 million annually.  Lexmark however, said that it will continue to offer  support,

Approved Verizon Spectrum Acquisition A Mixed Bag For Consumers

The recently approved acquisition by Verizon of spectrum from other cable companies has both positive and negative consequences for the public.  While the purchase is a good indication for a positive growth in wireless industry in the country, it can also affect negatively the position of home broadband in the U.S. The Good The good

Lenovo About To Overtake HP As Number One PC Maker

Lenovo is poised to take the number spot as the world’s largest PC vendor, unless Hewlett-Packard do something to stop it and quickly. Giving the spot to a Chinese firm would certainly create some national angst. It will not just be a loss for HP but also a loss of national prestige for the U.S.

New Camouflage Paint Can Protect Soldiers From Heat Blasts

The United States military is developing a new high-tech camouflage paint for its warriors to make them more resistant to heat blasts. High intensity explosions from roadside bombs or fires cause nearly simultaneous high-pressure blast that can fatally damage internal organs, and a thermal blast that can cook someone alive with temperatures of up to

Cars Are Vulnerable To Hacking, Said Researchers

Computer hacking kills. Researchers declared that cars equipped with electronic communications systems and computers are vulnerable to hacking and viruses, which could translate to crashes while on the road. Reuters reported that a special team employed by Intel is looking into software and hardware vulnerabilities in modern cars that could allow access to hackers to

WikiLeaks Sidestepped VISA, MasterCard With Bitcoin

According to Jon Matonis at Forbes.com, Wikileaks has managed to get a gasp of temporary financial air by using Bitcoin to receive monetary donations. The United States government continue its efforts to blockade the whistle-blowing site by directing major financial institutions like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, and Western Union from not to allow

Poor Desktop Performance Drag Dell’s Quarter Down To 8%

Wall Street analysts were expecting poor sales performance for Dell and they were not disappointed as the company reported an 8 percent drop off for the second quarter of this year. The company’s PC and mobile divisions are reporting the biggest contributing loss of 22 percent, while the small and medium sized group for business

Samsung Accused By Apple Of Unfair Demands Over Its 3G Patents

Before the week ended last week, Apple managed one last dig against Samsung when it claimed that the South Korean company abused its “monopoly power” gained through purchases of wireless patents and asking way too much money for royalties from devices of Apple. The move of Apple was one of its attempts as it race

Network Traffic To Swell By 2015, IEEE Pushing For Terabit Ethernet

Ever wonder why your computer or gaming console are taking longer download times sometimes? Due to perceived frustration over the diminishing speed of downloads this past few years, the IEEE has announced a new group that will upgrade current Ethernet speeds up to 1 Terabytes per second by 2015, and as fast as 10 Terabytes

Tablet Prices Are Going Down, Euro Site Says

Tablet prices are going down.  But don’t count the iPad yet. Nevertheless, would-be tablet owners will be glad to hear that prices plummeted 13.6 percent during last year. Apple’s popular iPad also lowered its selling price by only 3.45 percent. The trend for non-Apple tablet makers is to attract the attention of customers by offering

Mutant Hard Drives Will Be The Norm In the Near Future

Storage devices, especially today’s ubiquitous hard drives, will evolve but we don’t need to look further. The future of hard drive arrays will be flash hybrids featuring non-volatile memory bolted externally or fitted internally. These  hybrids will out-muscle all-flash arrays by providing server flash cache integration and better data management. Fundamentally, the aim of improving