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PowerShadow i4 Review

Spyder’s PowerShadow i4 is so designed to make life a little simpler. The built-in smart technology intelligently enhances your iPhone’s power for maximum performance and reliability.  From a test conducted, it’s reported that i4 boasts a built-in 2000mAh battery pack which can charge a fully drained iPhone 4S to between 75 to 80 percent of

P.A.C. Man All In 1 ROM for HTC EVO 4G LTE released

One of the newest and latest AOSP kangs has become pretty popular and is demand making its way around the forums. P.A.C. Man, the hybrid of Paranoid Android/Android Open Kang Project/CyanogenMOD ROM has been recently released. As it is a combination of a number of already available AOSP ROMs, users can expect its spread to

IBM manufactures light-based ‘nanophotonic’ chips to let the terabytes flow

There has been a major advancement in optical communications, by establishing and developing in a manufacturing environment, the ability to use light instead of electrical signals to channelize and transmit information for future computing. The quantum leap of intelligence and invention of the human race witnessed astonishing developments in the last 100 years. The breakthrough

Amazon App Store Downloads Increase 500 Percent In One Year

Amazon’s App Store is becoming more popular and is in high demand these days. Amazon is striving hard to become a strong competitor in the Android tablet game, and a big part of that is the success and achievement of its own Appstore. The company made an announcement in a press release about a new

BlackBerry reigns supreme in developing nations, but for how long?

After US and most of the European countries, BlackBerry is predominant in the ostensible developing countries like Indonesia and Nigeria. Because of the lower price and lesser cost most of the people can afford to buy this. The BlackBerry now accounts for roughly 50 per cent of the rapidly growing smartphone market in Nigeria, the

Samsung Developing Cortex-A15-based Exynos 5440 Quad-core SoC

Rumors continue to fly fast and hard. Samsung Electronics is busy in developing and reproducing a faster version of their quad-core Exynos processor line. It’s a very well-known fact that Samsung does churn out its fair share of processors, and whether they really look into action in Samsung’s own devices or in the devices manufactured

Samsung Galaxy Camera with LTE radio passes through FCC

Galaxy Camera, Samsung’s most aberrant and atypical release has been confined solely to AT&T for buyers in the US. However an FCC filing alleges and adduces that Verizon Wireless may soon offer the Android device.  The filing reveals a Galaxy Camera with an LTE radio, as well as the essential Wi-Fi and GPS antennas. The

Retina implant allows patients to read ordinary text as braille

New promises and new hopes for millions of those who are destitute of vision. The new technique in retinal prostheses will secure life of many. Although there were sincere and continuous efforts from the researchers over the past years but users always had difficulty in reading the text. Argus II retinal prosthesis system works by

Hyundai Motors posts highest sales volume growth among top 5 brands in China

The automotive industry reached great heights of success this year with Hyundai Motors making the highest sales volume growth among top 5 brands in China. This South Korea’s largest automaker Hyundai Motors sold 80,598 cars in October reporting 36.6 percent on-year. To start with, the largest seller, Shanghai Volkswagen (Shanghai Dazhong), in terms of volumes,

Nokia Lumia 810 Overview

Since the Windows Mobile 8 operating system has finally been released by Microsoft, the first batch of Nokia Lumia phones that run the software have started rolling out. The most well-known of these phones is the Nokia 920, which is the flagship Nokia phone. Lumia 810 lies in the mid-range bracket, without too exciting specs.