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32GB Nexus 7 Available at EBay’s Daily Deals for $229

Have you been longing for a Nexus 7? Many consider Google’s Nexus 7 to be one of the hottest tablets currently, and a tablet that lit up the tablet market last summer when Google announced it before its own customers on its own stage. At the time, the Nexus 7 tablet was available but there

Ookla SpeedTest.Net App for iOS Upgrades to 3.0, Gets a Makeover

[Photo Credit: SpeedTest.Net] Ookla, the company known for the famous SpeedTest.Net app, upgraded its magnificent web application to 3.0 yesterday. The SpeedTest.Net app is useful to check your upload and download speeds (in either Kbps or Mbps) on various servers within 250 miles of your current location. There are a number of noticeable differences with

T-Mobile LTE Network Set to Start This Month

[Photo Credit: T-Mobile] T-Mobile has a great network for those who want to use, say, the iPhone, on an off-contract, prepaid agreement. Having now been a T-Mobile customer for four months, I can say that I’ve been extremely happy with using my iPhone 4S (and now the iPhone 5) on the new “uncarrier’s” network. Still,