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Apple Receives Flexible Display iPhone Patent

[Photo Credit: Patently Apple] Patents are marvelous licenses that hold incredible ideas. While there is more to invention than filing patents, it is a legal strategy that prevents companies from losing ideas — or having to pay license fees to other companies for wanted technology. The saying “the early bird gets the worm” is no

Apple iPhone Considered to be “Most Hacked Mobile Device”

[Photo Credit: Business Insider] There have been a lot of reports in the news lately surrounding Android malware and the lack of Internet security on Android devices. The complaint about Android has been common in the news, but sources such as Android Authority have responded in stellar fashion to malware mentions whenever they appear: that

AT&T Galaxy S4 Available for Pre-Order on April 16th

[Photo Credit: AT&T] Samsung just unveiled its Galaxy S4 earlier this month, but the circumstances under which it revealed the new Galaxy phone were a bit strange. If you’ve watched Samsung’s Broadway musical-style presentation, you will understand what I mean. The acting was heavy on the “artificial” and seemed worst than typical soaps such as

AA’s HTC One vs. iPhone 5 Drop Test Shows the Need for Sapphire Glass

[Photo Credit: Android Authority] Joshua Vergara from Android Authority (AA) recently performed a drop test with two of 2013’s top smartphones: the HTC One and the iPhone 5. Both phones have aluminum chassis, aluminum being a more sturdy material than Apple’s former glass backing. The difference in the two phones, however, concerns the phones’ glass

Why T-Mobile Gets Its Very Own iPhone 5

T-Mobile’s announcement about getting the new iPhone 5 provides a breath of fresh air and good news for customers who have had the unfortunate displeasure of bringing incompatible iPhones to T-Mobile’s network (and experiencing 2G EDGE as a result). Legere’s announcement brings another little piece of exciting news: T-Mobile will have its own, unique iPhone

What You Need to Know About the T-Mobile iPhone 5 Deal

  [Photo Credit: T-Mobile] I am excited to read of T-Mo’s recent announcement regarding its acquisition of Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 5. Now that T-Mo CEO John Legere has made the public announcement, the question becomes, “What do we need to know about the iPhone 5 deal?” One of the first things to remember is

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to be released in the UK Next Month

[Photo Credit: Pocket-Lint] The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet has been announced, although there has been little information on arrival dates and pricing. Usually, when Samsung reveals a new product, US consumers are forced to wait at least three months after the product launch to get their hands on it. Well, at least Samsung customers

AT&T Expands Its LTE Network, Fears T-Mobile’s Potential

[Photo Credit: AT&T] T-Mobile announced its LTE reach as well as its new Value Plans today, and AT&T has wasted little time in responding to T-Mobile’s reach. The carrier known for having “the nation’s largest 4G network” has responded by extending its reach into the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida, and Ohio. AT&T must

32GB Nexus 7 Available at EBay’s Daily Deals for $229

Have you been longing for a Nexus 7? Many consider Google’s Nexus 7 to be one of the hottest tablets currently, and a tablet that lit up the tablet market last summer when Google announced it before its own customers on its own stage. At the time, the Nexus 7 tablet was available but there