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Intel Bay Trail

Intel Bay Trail stacks up nicely against Tegra 4

Intel has not been the victor in the mobile market just yet, with Qualcomm taking the largest slice of the pie with their Snapdragon range of processors and other manufacturers like MediaTek and Nvidia set to scramble over the remains. Bay Trail is set to change things for Intel, with the new small mobile processor


Ouya CEO hits back at controversy surrounding Free The Games Fund

Ouya’sĀ Free The Games fundĀ started a few months ago, this was created to fund indie developers on Kickstarter through the $1 million in funding Ouya had acquired. The two rules were the game had to be exclusive to the Ouya console and it had to raise over $50,000. If the Kickstarter succeeds, Ouya would match the


Phonebloks is a new smartphone made of detachable blocks

Two days ago, Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, posted a video on YouTube and a crowd-speaking campaign on Thunderclap, showing a new idea on how to make smartphones reusable and sustainable, similar to how users upgrade a PC. The campaign, called Phonebloks, is designed to make every part of the smartphone visible on


Plants vs Zombies 2 to arrive in China soon

Plants vs Zombies 2 has been on iOS for a while now, but there is still no Android release date in sight. Popcap have been very discreet about when and where the game would be coming, but news says China will get it first on Android. Just a few weeks ago, China hit back at


ASUS PadFone Infinity A86 launching in Taiwan next week

In the US, ASUS may only be known for its graphics and the Nexus tablet line. The company developed both Nexus 7 tablets and it is rumored they will be making the new Nexus 10 tablet, set for release alongside the LG Nexus 5. ASUS has said they want to break into the US market


Moto X shipping 100,000 units per week

Despite some saying the Moto X could not get off the ground, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has announced the company is now shipping over 100,000 units per week, a positive sign the plan is working. Motorola has banked on customisations and the ‘Made In America’ slogan winning over fans in the US. The labor cost

snapchat micro app

Snapchat Micro app coming to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung announced seventy apps would be ready for the Galaxy Gear before the end of September, with 12 available at launch. Snapchat will be one of the seventy coming soon, but in a different form and name: Snapchat Micro. Snapchat Micro will function similar to the Android/iOS app and will allow users to quickly snap


Intel Haswell chips may power next generation Chromebooks

Google’s Chrome OS has been a mixed bag of success, with Samsung’s netbook the top seller in the Amazon.com store for 300 days and other rumors saying Chrome OS has less than 1% of all the PC marketshare. Despite questionable penetration in the market, more manufacturers are deciding to develop a Chromebook, with Samsung, Acer,


Sony Xperia M arrives off contract in the US

The Sony Xperia Z1 may be the talk of the town, with the high-end specs and incredible 20MP camera, but Sony also has an exciting mid-range selection of smartphones and one of them, the Xperia M, has made its way to the US. Sony has added the Xperia M to their online store and it