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Pre-orders for Galaxy Gear on AT&T start tomorrow

Samsung has two big products coming to the US this month, the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3. Arguably the latter is the more important, considering the Galaxy Note 3 has already sold over 38 million units worldwide. The Galaxy Gear looks like Samsung’s prototype smartwatch, a test to see how well it will


Will Google branch out the Google Play Edition lineup?

It has been a while since Google announced any Google Play Edition smartphones, with the Galaxy S4 and HTC One released close to one another and nothing new coming since. Sony was expected to reveal the Xperia Z GPE, but nothing ever came of that rumor. In the past few weeks we have seen a


More HTC One Max photos leak, showing fingerprint sensor

  Codenamed the HTC 8088, the phablet HTC One Max is revealed once again on Chinese micro-blogging portal Weibo. The user has uploaded a few images showing different screens on the phone in Chinese and the back, front and side of the phablet. First off, the HTC One Max fingerprint sensor on the back of the


Sony teases BRAVIA Smart Stick with September 15 reveal

Recently, we noticed a Sony USB-stick pass through the FCC and thought it was Sony’s new Chromecast competitor. It appears Sony will not be competing with Google, but taking the Chromecast design and implementing it on Google TV. The BRAVIA Smart Stick will connect to 2013 BRAVIA televisions through the MHL connection and will use


Sony Xperia Z2 (Avatar) leaked a week after Z1 release

Just one week after the Xperia Z1 was revealed by Sony at their IFA event, we already have some specs information about the next in the Xperia Z line, with an ultra high-res display and a possible release date. The Sony Xperia Z2 main feature will be the ultra high-resolution 5.2-inch IGZO Triluminous display, hitting 500


Twitter files for IPO but will keep business confidential

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter has announced they have filed for initial public offering, but details of the offering will not be available straight away, with Twitter keeping business details confidential. The Securities and Exchange Commission allows companies earning under $1 billion in revenue per year to start a private IPO. Unlike Facebook, who


Facebook testing auto-play videos on certain Android devices

Facebook is still looking at new ways to maximize profits on the social network and video is starting to become a more loved medium, especially short-videos on Vine and Instagram Video. A recent update on Facebook Mobile will allow some videos to auto-play on the News Feed, but they will be set to mute by

Google’s Nexus 4 reaches “end of life” status in Canada

The Nexus 4 has been one of the most loved Android devices, with super-fast updates to the latest operating system and an incredibly cheap off-contract price, Google really found a winning strategy. Sadly, the Nexus 4 is getting on in life and Canada’s second largest carrier Bell has decided to give it the “end of


Gold HTC One spotted a few days after iPhone 5S reveal

Apple revealed three colors for the iPhone 5S, silver, space grey and champagne. A few days later, a leak has shown a very similar color on a HTC One assembly line unit, still needing parts. The HTC One already has four colors available, black, silver, red and blue. The last two are only available from


Instagram coming to Facebook Home suite

Facebook Home has had a rough start, with a few million downloads and quite a negative response, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes in the Android launcher and his company will be adding some new updates, integrating Instagram. Instagram is still quite an independent app from Facebook, even though users can sign in through Facebook and


Intel announces three new Chromebooks from HP, Acer and Toshiba

Intel’s Developer Forum has not just been all about new chips for smartphones and smartwatches, but the launch of three new Chromebook’s running on Intel Haswell processor chips, for better performance and battery life. First on the stage is the HP Chromebook 14, sporting the largest display out of the three and a 1366×768 resolution. It