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EXCLUSIVE: Gameloft Live Hits Android First

  First details of Gameloft Live for Android.  While in San Francisco for the Crunchies we stopped into meet with Gameloft. What we were able to see and preview is their newest application to be launched on the Android system. Gameloft Live will be their social experience rather than what they currently have in, in-games

Square Expands To OfficeMax Stores And Others

Square, the company that took the Mobile micro-transfer by storm is expanding to now sell its Square card readers at OfficeMax as well as some UPS stores. Already sold at Apple and Best Buy retail stores, as well as during the holidays the Salvation Army used besides taking cash from customers. With an already massive growth

CES–What Is It Really All About?

There has been a bunch of articles and/or blog post going around right now about why CES doesn’t matter any more from the likes of Mike Elgan or MG Siegler. Everyone points to the fact that Apple isn’t there any more and this’ll be the last year for Microsoft. However, that is why CES DOES

Live Blogging from Adobe Max keynote

We are live from the Adobe Max keynote… 10:22 Ideas by Adobe now coming to Android. 10:18 Creative Apps. We have the largest projector. Over 3 million pixels. We went from punch card to terminal to mouse to touch. Our biggest leap for creativity. 10:11 2012 Android edition of Digital Publishers Single Suite to be

TDG AT TCD: RingShuffle

With so many exhibitors at TechCrunch, each startup company had to do something different to set themselves apart from one another. One company gave free samples of chocolate covered bacon (yum!). Another startup gave away free socks. RingShuffle raffled off a free date. First of all,..what?! Second, what did a date have to do with

TDG AT TCD: Appscribe

Here on thedroidguy.com, we review and recommend some great apps for you to check out. Usually, there are lite or free versions but in order to support the developer, please try out the paid versions. However, with all the great apps out there (and a shallow wallet for some), paying for each app can add

TDG AT TCD: FlyScreen for Android

One thing I love about Android is the fact that the customization never ends. Once you think you’ve got your phone/tablet just the way you want it, something comes along and you want more. At TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 in San Francisco, I had the chance to talk to the team from FlyScreen.

Beyond the Lens with Matt Givot

We now go Beyond the Lens with Matt Givot who’s famed video The Angels and Carmameddon time lapse video has been featured on News stations broadcast. Not only is he a famed photographer but also an avid Android fan who uses both his phone and device to assist in his photo’s. The following is the interview in which me

Behind the lens- Colby Brown

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been in talks with Colby about photography as he is the man behind the new viral group that has started on Google+ called Behind the Lens- Photo Critique. Which has in just a few short days amassed over 100’s of photographers and hopeful ones(like me). What the group does

If you can’t beat them, undercut them

Thats the words coming from the Finland company Nokia as to how they’ll gain back the market share in the US from Android. Chris Weber(Nokia’s North American sales group Manager): Nokia plans to release Windows phones in many forms at lots of price points — including some that will undercut the cheapest Android phones out there, which