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Toshiba reveals WT310 business tablet

Tablets have been becoming very popular over the last few years. Many people are now getting rid of the laptops that they own to buy a tablet which not only provides convenience but also improved portability. Toshiba has been one of the well known companies in the tablet industry and to improve their position further,

LG Optimus G Pro for AT&T goes official

LG has been a major player in the Smartphone industry. It has always tried to keep its customers happy and attract more and more potential customers. Just recently, AT&T has announced that the much awaited LG Optimus G Pro will be launching very soon. The exact date that has been given is 10th of May.

iOS 7 to feature a major UI redesign

Apple has always been in the run. In the Smartphone industry, it has proved to be one of the most significant Smartphone companies. Just recently, it was learnt that Apple will be launching the iOS 7, and that too with major changes or rather improvements. Apple has maintained a very steady graph over the last

Analyst Claims iPhone 6 Will Release In June 2014

Apple never seems to slow down. Just recently the company launched the iPhone 5 and literally captured the mobile market. Then we heard of news or rather rumors that it will be launching a low cost iPhone next year to cater to the demands of the low income Smartphone users. But because this wasn’t enough

Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One is now available

Today’s Smartphones have some of the most amazing features. Due to competition in the international Smartphone industry, a lot of new features have been introduced in the newer phones. The HTC One was launched a few weeks before by the Taiwanese company, and has been very popular since its launch. However, one problem that HTC

Asus And Acer Reportedly Launching New Chromebooks This Year

The Laptop industry seems to be extremely active these days. One thing is for sure that under this immense competition that is prevailing in the Laptop’s industry, companies will have to bring in more innovation, better and newer technologies in their laptops in order to assure a steady reputation in the industry. Looks like Asus

Windows 8.1 Build 9385 Images Leaked

The Windows 8.1 Build 9385 was recently sent to developers for testing. The new much awaited build is nearing its launch and is currently being tested by Microsoft experts. Recently, some snapshots of the display of the new build have been leaked out. Unfortunately, those who are waiting eagerly for the new build should get

Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Confirms It Is Easier To Repair

The current top of the line Samsung Smartphone, the Galaxy SIV, is much easier to repair than many of its other competing phones, including the iPhone 5 and the HTC One. The fact that the battery can be easily removed from the phone and that the screws are of standard shape and size makes the

LG unveils Optimus GK

There was a time when we used to have small LCD’s for our mobile phones. That time is long gone now. For advanced resolution and better picture quality, Smartphone companies have launched phones with some of the largest sized LCD’s. While some people like the idea of having big screens for a better experience, there

Samsung Galaxy SIV Duos Arrives

The Dual-Sim Phenomena: In today’s changing work environment, the requirements of people have changed. Most business people for example now feel the need of keeping two separate phones; one for official use and one for private use. How good is it that companies are now providing their customers with the option of two SIM cards

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 to enter mass production in late May

Snapdragon has remained one of most popular families of mobile system on chips (SoC). Developed by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon has been available in certain advanced versions and the company is now on its way to produce the next 800 series. The Snapdragon 600 had been launched previously and has been in use in several phones

Nokia to hold a Lumia event on May 14

It seems like the month of May will be bringing in a lot of news and interesting announcements for the IT and mobile officials. Just recently, Nokia has announced that it will have its official special Lumia event on the 14th of May. The place that they have chosen to hold this event is just

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Core leaks

Samsung is very busy marketing its latest flagship device Galaxy SIV but that does not mean that the Korean giant is not working on the other phones.Samsung not only wants to capture the high end smartphone market, it is also trying it best to capture the market full of low budget phones. We have seen