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Future iPhones Could Feature Invisible Buttons, Sliders

  Invisible Button for the iPhone Things keep on changing in the telecom industry. Every time a new Smartphone is launched, it has something new to offer. Apple’s iPhone has been one of those phones which people can never get bored of. Because when they do, the company launches another version, with even better features.

BlackBerry Q10 now comes in gold

  Blackberry has launched some amazing new phones like Z10 and Q10. The Q10 is said to be even more popular than its previous version as it has a QWERTY keyboard, something that attracts Blackberry users a lot. Well, as if the Q10 wasn’t expensive enough, a new version of the same phone is coming

BlackBerry OS 10.1 update seeding now

Blackberry just recently launched its new series known as the Z10. The phone became very popular as it features a large sized high resolution screen and the latest OS from Blackberry. The company is about to launch another phone in the same series, Q10. It must be noted that although there has been no official

Sony C190X model number leaks

Companies need to be secretive when it comes to launching their new phones. So many competitors are around that it will lose on its market strength to some extent if it’s products start getting leaked out. Something similar has happened with Sony. It was heard that Sony is planning to produce not low cost but

HP redesigns its ProBook laptops

HP, the company that was facing quite some hardships some time ago, have regained their position in the Laptop industry. The main reason is that they produced some of the finest laptops catering to the needs of a diverse group of individuals. The good thing about the company is that is that they provide customized

CyanogenMod 10.1 arrives for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 4

CyanogenMod, an aftermarket firmware has remained very active in the Smartphone industry for over a long time now. It is meant for a number of cell phones based on the Android operating system. The good thing about CyanogenMod is that it gives the users of Smartphones those features which the OS of their phones fail

Amazon Kindle Fire to go 10-inch

When we talk about tablets, one of the most important things that come to our mind is portability. Due to the size of the screens and the weight of the tablet, there is a lot of convenience in handling such devices. Amazon was one of those companies who started of producing some of the smallest

The Adamas and Aurora collection of bejeweled iPhone 5

  It seems like the price of the regular iPhone 5 was a bit too low for some people. Just recently, we were hearing some news about the low cost iPhone that Apple is to launch next year for its low income Smartphone users. But it looks like Continental Mobile had some other plans. Continental

Acer Iconia A1 tablet goes official with 7.9″ display

It seems like Acer is on the go! With a couple of products already launched, Acer has announced the launch of yet another tablet. Yes, it is the Iconia A1, images of which were leaked out a few weeks ago. The announcement was made at the New Your City Press event, in which the company

Acer brings options galore to new Aspire V5 and V7 laptops

Many users and experts are of the view that the quality and design of Acer’s products are improving day by day. Just recently at a Press Conference in New York City, where dozens of reporters were present, the company announced the launch of many new products. These included the revamped Aspire V5 and Aspire V7.

Acer intros Aspire R7

The laptop industry has become very advanced. Companies have produced some of the finest laptops. This article is about yet another article introduced by Acer, one of the major competitors in the respective industry. Acer has introduced a laptop, known as the Aspire R7 with one of the most amazing features, an adjustable screen. Now

New Toshiba AT10LE-A tablet leaked

Due to immense competition in the respective industry, companies in the tablet industry have to be extremely secretive at times. They have to make sure that whatever their upcoming product is, its images or features are not leaked out before the launch. Unfortunately, many companies have to face the problem of leakage. Just recently, Toshiba,

Motorola ‘XFON’ for AT&T leaks again

The number of competitors in the Smartphone industry have been increasing massively over the last few years. Motorola is one of the major players in this industry. Just recently, there has been a leak of one of the upcoming phones of Motorola, known as the XFON. It is not the first time that the AT&T