Australian Police Claim Apple Maps Could Be Deadly


We all know how Apple Maps fairs against most of its competition, and it’s not news to us that Apple even acknowledged that in an apology letter to its users. However, the problems still haven’t been fixed, it seems. According to a report by the police in Victoria (Australia), Apple Maps is causing life threatening errors with inaccurate directions and navigations. The problem in this case is with the app’s handling of a location named Mildura. What Apple Maps shows to be Mildura, is actually Sunset National Park. Now you might be wondering why all of this would be life threatening, right? Well, Sunset National Park isn’t exactly what you think it is. It is a vast desert, filled with all sorts of venomous beings and with an approximate temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. And you would hardly find any cellular reception in an area like this, which could potentially be life threatening if the traveler has no supplies. Astonishingly, Mildura is located about 43 miles away from the location mentioned on Apple Maps. The police apparently have received six calls for help after being misguided by Apple Maps in the same area, so this issue has already affected a whole bunch of users. Not sure how Apple will react to this, but the Victorian Police Dept has apparently requested Apple to fix this navigation error, but there still doesn’t seem to be a fix to this.

Inspector Simon Clemmence from Victoria Police said in a statement – “Say you got a whole family up there, little kids, at 112 degrees, you didn’t bring any water because you thought you were just going to pull into a town and have a coke and pie, but instead you’re stuck in a desert and your car is stuck, not going anywhere“. He further added – “These are just family cars that are being directed up these roads. They turn into sandy tracks and they get stuck… Some people just trust the technology. Any sat-nav is going to give you errors, but this one in particular is giving us a big one that may end up in a loss of life“.

It seems like Apple has more things to worry about than it thought. This news could potentially harm the iPhone 5’s sale which is concerning news for Apple especially with the holiday season approaching. Apple initially recommended users to rely on third party Map apps for accurate navigation, which was shameful for a company like Apple. And as if that weren’t enough, the company had to fire Scott Forstall who was instrumental in the development of iOS in general and Apple Maps. So unless Apple gets its act together quick, we don’t see this issue being resolved. It won’t be wrong to call this the “Maps-gate” much like Antennagate with the iPhone 4.

When the app cannot accurately show some areas of New York, how good would you expect it to do anywhere else? Apple’s brave decision to ditch Google Maps is already proving to be very costly for the company. And as this unfolds, we can almost sense Google smirking over Apple’s misfortunes. Let’s hope Apple fixes this sooner rather than later.

Source: Victoria Police News
Via: Phone Arena