AT&T will relaunch the Cricket Wireless brand in Q2 2014

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After AT&T closed its acquisition of Leap Wireless last month, the carrier announced that Cricket Wireless will still remain alive despite the closing of its parent company. AT&T even mentioned plans to merge Aio Wireless with Cricket in the coming days. And speaking at AT&T’s quarterly earnings call, the CFO John Stephens mentioned that the carrier will relaunch the Cricket brand in 2014 more aggressively with plenty of attractive smartphones on offer.

The CFO also mentioned that the company plans to give Cricket Wireless a more national presence, spreading its reach across the country. Even though this will officially take effect in Q2 2014, the complete transition could take up to 18 months with integration costs set to reach $1.2 billion over a two year period.

It’s good to see that the country’s second largest carrier is taking prepaid customers very seriously even though they make up for a small chunk of the pie. It will be interesting to see how the carrier merges Aio with Cricket in the coming months.

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  1. I subscribe to AIO which is GSM, same as AT&T. Cricket is CDMA so in order to integrate them into the AT&T network all customers will need a new phone. They will need to buy a phone outright or be financed by AT&T. I have the Google Nexus 5 and it works great. The new OnePlus One phone is also a good choice. It will be interesting to see how AT&T handles this integration.

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