AT&T, Sprint to offer LG Optimus G, release date slated in Q4

South Korean manufacturer, LG, officially announced its latest entry into the high-end Android market on September 19th confirming its superphone flagship will be coming to the United States. No information as to which providers in the U.S. would offer the handset then. However, the latest press release from LG USA already confirms two of the major providers, AT&T and Sprint, opted to include Optimus G to their current line ups.

LG Optimus G comes packed with Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 chipset featuring a quad-core Krait with 1.5GHz clock speed. Unlike its counterparts, Tegra 3 and Exynos, Qualcomm’s system on chip (SOC) is compatible with 4G LTE networks offered by AT&T and Sprint so the device will be released in the US bearing its original specs.

“The LG Optimus G lets our customers work and play as hard as they want with one of our first quad core processor designed to deliver a great multitasking experience,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president – Devices, AT&T. “We think customers will really enjoy having the power of a computer in the palm of their hand.”

True enough, a quad-core device with 2GB RAM would be perfect for people looking for ultimate mobile devices that offer performance like no one has ever experienced before. While it is definitely not the first quad-core device released this year, it might be warmly accepted in the US and UK being a mobile device that bears PC-like power.

The fact is the device offers more than just its powerful CPU and more than enough RAM. But while people’s attention is focused on these aspects, there’s one thing worth knowing: LG Optimus G uses In-Cell Touch technology. It is the same display technology Apple uses for its iPhone 5. Not only does it make screen thinner—by taking away some layers—It also helps extend battery life. So, aside from being thinner than other devices in the market today, LG Optimus G is expected to last longer with its 2100mAh battery.

It will be marketed with a premium price tag attached to it, so the fact that both AT&T and Sprint will subsidize it is good news; people would be able to get it on a lower price range with proper support and warranty. There is no date specified for the release of this device yet but speculations and rumors point out November would be a perfect month for it. Still, we have to wait for LG’s, AT&T’s and Sprint’s confirmation as to the availability of LG Optimus G.