AT&T offering $50 Play Store credit with every new Android device bought on contract

AT&T Promo - Play Store

America’s second largest carrier, AT&T is now offering a sweet deal for its new customers who buy a smartphone or a tablet on contract. Under this promo, any new Android device bought with a two year contract will fetch you a $50 Play Store credit to spend on apps, titles and practically anything that’s sold there. AT&T is holding this promotion until the 17th of June.

Once users buy a new device from AT&T, they will receive a redeem code containing the $50 Play Store credit. One of the good things about this deal is that you can buy multiple phones from the carrier and receive the free credit on all of them. We’re not sure if this is deliberate or just a temporary glitch as a big family buying devices together would mean close to $200-$300 of Play Store credit.

Either way, customers won’t mind the deal as long as there aren’t any last minute changes made by the carrier. So if you’re looking to get a new device on contract from AT&T and avail this sweet Play Store credit, head over to the link below and do the needful. AT&T specifies that this is an online only promo, so you won’t have any luck visiting an AT&T outlet. Once redeemed, the Play Store credit will be valid until May 15, 2015.

Source: AT&T

Via: Talk Android