AT&T now throttling Unlimited Data after 22GB


Although AT&T doesn’t offer #UnlimitedData to new customers anymore, those who had it beforehand are still able to use it. However, as the time passed, AT&T started throttling data speeds of these users after just 5GB had been used. The good news now is that the carrier has raised the cap to 22GB, which is more than four times the throttling limit previously offered.

While the carrier doesn’t make this explicitly clear, it’s obvious that the FCC’s disapproval of the relatively low throttling cap had something to do with this. This is a big win for the users of unlimited data on AT&T who can now make full use of the speeds at their disposal.

Among the top four carriers, only T-Mobile and Sprint offer unlimited data to new users right now with Verizon and AT&T shutting down the service quite a while back.

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Source: AT&T

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