AT&T Interactive To Take On Groupon

AT&T Interactive has really been trying to step up their game these days. Back in March at CTIA they held workshops for developers to get into using their directory API’s and location based services.  Now they’ve decided to offer yet another competitor to Groupon, Google’s new “offers” and Living Social.

AT&T Interactive spokesperson Dawn Benton told Mashable that this move to localized offers was a “natural evolution” for the publishers of the Yellow Pages. She also hinted that while the deals will be delivered via email they will most likely be delivered via mobile in the future an echoed earlier in the year when AT&T Interactive Vice President David Williams presented the keynote at the Mobile Web and Apps World Forum at CTIA.

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AT&T will begin the offers program in Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles and they are encouraging folks to sing up by offering $10 towards the very first deal when you sign up by May 22, 2011.

Do you think you’d use AT&T’s new deals program or is this space getting too crowded as well?

Source: Mashable