AT&T To Include Lookout Security On Its Android Devices

One of the main concerns of owning a smartphone is how well secured it is. This is because this portable device is able to store information ranging from photos, login details, contact information just to name a few which can be accessed online.

AT&T Lookout

While no system is really one hundred percent secure Google says that its Android operating system does not require any security system to be installed to it. The problem is that several security software companies have detected several threats to the system. These threats include malware that obtain personal information stored on a device or even trick a user into letting go of their cash.

One of the leading security providers for the android platform has teamed up with one of the leading carriers in the US to provide an added layer of protection on top of Google’s already impressive system. Lookout has announced that it has partnered with AT&T to provide mobile security to all AT&T Android customers.

The deal does not only cover the new Android smartphones but the older devices as well. Lookout announced that AT&T will gradually introduce the Lookout app on older generation Android devices through system updates.

The blog post of lookout states that “AT&T actively identifies software partners to drive growth and innovation on their platform. They understand that the next wave of mobile goes beyond connectivity and communications to services and apps that are available through the AT&T platform. We’re happy to be protecting AT&T customers and safeguarding their most personal computers.”

Lookout is regarded as one of the better security apps available for the android platform. While we definitely would like to have a more secure device the problem is that it will be added to older Android smartphones that possibly has tons of bloatware already and limited resources. Users will be able to disable the app but won’t be able to uninstall it completely. This means that it will still take up storage space.

via lookout