AT&T Has “Best Ever” Smartphone Sales In Q4

If you thought AT&T would be down in out after their exclusive, flagship iPhone went to Verizon as well you were wrong. Very wrong, in fact, after their 2011 Q4 results came in they announced a fantastic quarter with smartphone sales through the roof. AT&T added to their 103.2 million subscribers by 2.5 million over the holidays, boasting a huge revenue in Apple’s iPhone sales.

On the Android end, sales doubled for a whopping 9.4 million smartphones sold, a large amount being Android devices. This was again, the best quarter ever for AT&T’s smartphone sales, meaning Big Red’s huge subscriber list and iDevice lineup really hasn’t changed things too much. People are still choosing AT&T, and even with Apple’s new iPhone 4S coming to both carriers at the same time, many AT&T subscribers opted to stay with their beloved carrier instead of jumping ship for Verizon’s shiny 4GLTE network.

With wireless being 50% of AT&T’s revenue, AT&T also sold 311,000 tablets, making a huge dent in contract subscriptions in that department as well. The company has boasted some of it’s highest earnings ever, not just in smartphones, but in the mobile department as a whole. This will be an impressive year in the carrier race, with Verizon looking strong with their very first Nexus and contract with Apple, and Sprint launching their 4GLTE network as well. Be sure to check back with TheDroidGuy for more news and updates throughout 2012.

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