AT&T Galaxy S5 won’t connect to Ting 4G network, other issues

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  1. AT&T Galaxy S5 won’t connect to Ting 4G network
  2. Galaxy S5 black screen issue | Galaxy S5 screen won’t turn on
  3. Galaxy S5 keeps showing message that a charger is connected and it is charging
  4. Galaxy S5 no longer fast charge | Galaxy S5 not charging properly
  5. Galaxy S5 screen turns black and won’t turn on
  6. Galaxy S5 audio not working

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Problem #1: AT&T Galaxy S5 won’t connect to Ting 4G network

I recently left my current carrier, AT&T and went to another carrier, Ting. I believe it uses the T-Mobile Network. After ATT unlocked my phone and I began using the Ting SIM card, it seemed like the data was working fine. Then a few days later, inexplicably, it stopped accessing data. The 4g icon no longer showed up.

I have worked with Ting support. I have set the APN up to their specs. They pushed fixes to my phone. We removed the battery and restarted, and finally we did a factory reset. None of this worked. On your site I followed the suggestion to start the phone in safe mode. That has not worked either. Ting finally told me that it may be hardwired to an AT&T frequency. I don’t know what that means, but it seems unlikely. They recommend a new phone. I like my S5 and I don’t want to sign up with one of the other major carriers to get the price of a new phone down to something I can afford.

A few more points. I live in a very rural area and most of the towers out here belong to Cellular One. I am in a strong 4G coverage area according to Ting. My phone does try to default to the AT&T contacts server, and under mobile networks>Network operators it is set to automatic and search for AT&T MicroCell is my only other option there. When I restart it plays the AT&T tone and the AT&T icon still shows up at restart, so maybe they are correct? The Ting network icon used to remain at the top left. Now it comes and goes. I have no data access even when it’s there. My calls and text messaging are unaffected and work fine. I hate to give up my phone. I hate to go back to AT&T. Hope you can help. — Joshalden

Solution: Hi Joshalden. If your network was initially able to use 4G after inserting the Ting SIM card, then the problem is not the phone (unless you dropped it or exposed it to water, which may have resulted to a hardware problem) but on your network itself. You must work with Ting technical support and tell them that your phone is compatible with their 4G network since it worked previously. You may want to insert your Ting SIM card to another smartphone to check if their 4G network in the area is indeed working. If the same problem happens on the second phone, then you have clear proof that your phone is okay.

Since your S5 was originally built for AT&T, there nothing that you can do about the operating system and the loading screens. They can not be changed by simply unlocking the device or inserting a SIM card of a different network. The important thing is that it’s been network unlocked, which means it’s ready to be used with another network. Because it was able to connect to Ting’s network days after using their SIM card, the phone’s radio is compatible with Ting’s operating frequency. The only thing that you can do is to check mobile networks settings again and instead of using automatic, try to manually search for Ting’s network and connect to it. If that won’t work, call Ting and demand a resolution.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 black screen issue | Galaxy S5 screen won’t turn on

Hi. my phone was working perfectly until yesterday. I put it down and came back 5 minutes later, pressed the home button to enter my pin and the screen wouldn’t turn on. The phone turns on, the blue light comes on to show the power, when someone calls me the phone rings, and my alarm went off this morning so it’s working fine. I have taken out the battery and pressed the power button down for a few minutes and then waited another 10mins before putting in the battery again. I´ve done that a few times but nothing has changed. it turns on but with a black screen. — Rhianne

Solution: Hi Rhianne. Most black/blank screen issues are hardware in nature but if your phone was never dropped or got wet before, you may be able to fix it by doing a software solution via factory reset. Here’s how:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

If you won’t be able to perform a factory reset because you can’t access Recovery Mode, then you can assume that the screen assembly is malfunctioning. Find a way to have the phone repaired or replaced.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 keeps showing message that a charger is connected and it is charging

Hello. Having what I suspect is a charge port issue, but not sure, I performed the Safe Mode start up without any changes to issue. The issue remains to be consistent:

1) Every 10 seconds my Samsung S5 will indicate the charge indicator is on (which wakes up the screen showing it is charging – without being charged). 

2) The charge indicator turns off after 9 seconds, screen stays on with charge indicator showing no charger connected (normally as it should).

3) The screen then goes to sleep (as it should), as it powers down the bottom 1/4 of screen flickers green lines across the entire width of screen for a second, then screen is off.

 4) Once screen is off (black), it stays sleeping for a second then gets the charger input active again (somehow without charger being connected) and cycles through steps 1 – 4 indefinitely until the battery dies (which this charger notification “on” consumes the battery quickly).

The only short term solution is to keep the phone plugged into a charger, where then the phone correctly sees it is indeed charging then and indicator for charging process is shown in upper right corner of screen. The phone was not charging at time I got it from my son.  There is no cover over the charging/serial port. The left most pin of charging port was bent inwards, so under a microscope I straightened the pins to be uniform in position to receive charging cable. The charging port does work now, but with the above charging notification alerting the phone every 10 seconds, whether it is a sleep or active.

I turned down the notification sound to zero, without vibration which saves the battery a little more. I have looked for a diagnostic app, but have found nothing that zeros into this situation with charging port / notification issue. I am an electronics tech, so if you have a process to follow narrowing down this perceived hardware issue please inform me of the steps to isolate issue to the motherboard or charging port. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Model: SM-G900V Hardware version: G900V.05 Android version: 6.0.1 Thank you for your services!  Very informative. — Vaughan

Solution: Hi Vaughan. Booting in safe mode or installing an app won’t fix a hardware issue. We’ve observed this same exact situation whenever the charging port is shorted. Basically, what’s happening is that the malfunctioning charging port keeps sending a feedback to the system that a charger is connected (even though it’s not true). If you’re a technician, you should easily resolve the issue by replacing the bad charging port.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 no longer fast charge | Galaxy S5 not charging properly

Hi. I have had my Samsung S5 for over a year and it has always charged very quickly even when I am using it. Recently however it seems to only charge when you hold the charger at a certain position or lay the phone flat. even then it is a lot slower than it used to be and tends not to charge when being used. Last night it charged 20% whilst on aeroplane mode and laid flat. it just randomly stopped charging. I have tried different chargers and it is still the same issue. What could this be and is there anyway I could send fix? I am cautious to send it off since it is my only phone. Many thanks PS. I had to guess what version it is downloaded to, it is the latest one that I downloaded a week ago so I am assuming it’s the newest? — Maisy

Solution: Hi Maisy. The problem may lie on the charging port. A thorough hardware check is necessary to identify the problem but if you don’t mind the hassle, you can also try to do a factory reset. We strongly suggest that you contact Samsung to have the phone repaired or replaced.

Problem #5: Galaxy S5 screen turns black and won’t turn on

The phone is charged. The screen is black and will not light up. I have tried cycling the phone on and off. I tried the simultaneous power-volume-home button combo. Apps and Back icons (lower left and right) do occasionally light up, and the LED indicator light in the upper left is occasionally lit, red or green or blue. LED lighting does appear to be related to button pressing, but the correlation is not at all clear. I tried removing and reinstalling the battery with no effect. I have plugged the phone into my desktop computer to see if I can access the phone that way. Unfortunately, the most recent update of Android blocks external access to the phone’s data unless it is in developer mode, and that is not possible unless I can log into the phone and see the menus to put it into developer mode. All I can really tell from the desktop is that the battery is charged. Whoopee. The phone has the PIN security feature activated in accordance with my employer’s “Bring your own mobile” program. Unless the PIN is entered, I cannot adjust the screen brightness. One possibility is that the screen brightness got set to zero at some point, and I cannot reset it unless I can enter the PIN, which I cannot do unless I can see the screen. If this is the case, it would seem l should be able to do some sort of hardware reset that would turn the display on no matter what. Or, I could have a fatal hardware fault, I suppose. — Tom

Solution: Hi Tom. We don’t know the full history of your device so we are only limited to speculate on your situation. If what you said about screen brightness is true, you should be able easily access recovery mode (by pressing Power, Home, Volume Up) once you’ve turned off the phone after removing the battery. That this is not happening seems to suggest that there may be a hardware issue. We strongly suggest that you have the phone checked so repair or replacement can be done.

Problem #6: Galaxy S5 audio not working

Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-unlocked from an At&T store to be put on the MetroPCS, aka T-mobile network. Don’t know what version android I had. I did a hard reset before I thought of the soft reset because a Blackhat got into my phone. Sound does not work for calls, texts, nor anything else, neither does media etc. Last time it worked before i put in the 3.5mm” cable to hook it up to the aux in my car because i don’t like Bluetooth due to the 5/9 hacks. Still current with knowledge but not the actual coding…I could go back to college again and re-learn …so I am as smart as the current blackhat but for now I’m not as smart as a hacker or current IT tech but I used to be on the apple IIe/Apple IIc….Sound does not work ..This is my first smart phone so im lost entirely. My phone is in great condition. How do you find out the android version etc. because I know I don’t have a 6.0 because im a different galaxy altogether. and it hasn’t updated until I did the hard reset. I lost everything that was supposed to be backed up to my google account . including photos, videos , screenshots , instagram shots in the folder for android…ALL LOST. And still my sound won’t work. Please help me. If you could walk me through this , you’d be such an angel to my life. This labor day weekend not only did my phone stop working , I was robbed in Orlando by the only 3 people I was hanging out with and I think one of them did something to my phone. — Jessica

Solution: Hi Jessica. By hard reset, we assume that you mean factory reset. That doing a hard reset did not resolve the sound issue is a clear indicator that you have a hardware problem. There’s only so much that you can do when it comes to Android troubleshooting. The rule of thumb though is to try software troubleshooting first. If software troubleshooting like hard reset won’t result to any improvement, then it can be safely assumed that the issue is hardware in nature. There’s no software trick that you can do to fix a hardware problem so you want to submit the phone for repair. We bet you know that. Have the phone repaired or replaced.


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