AT&T Galaxy Note 2 finally getting the Android 4.3 update

Galaxy Note 2American users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have been eagerly awaiting an OTA update for Android 4.3. While T-Mobile received the update to Android 4.3 recently, it’s the AT&T variant which has finally started receiving the update today. This formally brings support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and plenty of other Samsung specific features which come by default with Android 4.3. The update is rolling out in phases, so users are advised to be patient. But considering that AT&T has already begun the rollout, it shouldn’t take long from now to formally arrive on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2. Users can try looking for an update through Settings or via Samsung Kies on the computer.

It’s quite disappointing that the Galaxy Note 2 is taking this long to get the update from the second largest carrier in the U.S. Unlocked variants of the handset have received the update sometime back, so it’s the carriers themselves are to be blamed here. With Android 4.3 taking this long to hit Samsung’s flagship smartphones, we can only imagine the time these carriers will take to rollout Android 4.4.

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Police

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  1. Hi it roberts ‘ol lady DonchaWanna at [email protected] i have a sprint galaxy note 2

    In the left corner it reads first line in red the next 3 in white and the last 2 in grey

    CLIENT BINARY: Samsung Official
    AP SWREV: A3

    and the midle of the screen it shows a green androind and below it it reads downloading … and below that it reads in green do not turn off target!!
    it has been on this screen for an hour now I have not done anything till now sence i got it off ebay with a software issue and it has no activity untill i plug it in hold down the power button for 6 sec and then comes to a screen that says —–ii for get something CO i press the volume up and it leads me to here …..please what do i do

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