AT&T Confirms Both Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid Will Get Ice Crem Sandwich

On Sunday AT&T is going to add more markets to their 4G/LTE network. Along with Baltimore, Boston, Indianapolis and Athens Georgia we are also going to see the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and the HTC Vivid.  Until now, there were no “4G/LTE phones” for their new, faster network. The first device to make it onto AT&T’s 4G/LTE network was the HTC Jetstream Android tablet.

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On Friday, AT&T confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II Sky Rocket and the HTC Vivid will both get Android 4.o, Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems AT&T didn’t want to put up two of their best phones around the time of the Ice Cream Sandwich launch and not make sure they were able to upgrade.

AT&T gave no firm date except to say “early 2012”, how early we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, although they haven’t announced it yet, we are expecting more and more 4G/LTE markets to brought online at a rapid pace. We have heard that Austin Texas and New York City could still see 4G/LTE around Thanksgiving.

source: TFTS

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  1. I’m
    curious to see how AT&T does with their first two LTE phones. I won’t be
    able to upgrade my phone unfortunately for a few more months, and hopefully
    AT&T has their network more spread out by that time. I’d like to see what
    becomes of these new phones on their network! It sounds like it would be
    perfect for streaming movies and videos in a snap. The app that I use for
    streaming is from my employer DISH Network and it is called the DISH Remote
    Access app. It lets me stream live TV and recorded shows from my DVR to my
    phone anywhere I am. I use this app on my current phone, and the 3G is good at
    streaming, but I’d like to try streaming on LTE as well as test watching in HD
    which is free with any top package. It is awesome being able to stream anywhere
    and whenever I want! For now, I’ll just keep up with how these phones do.

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