AT&T and UK Carrier EE Partner for 4G LTE Roaming In The UK


AT&T has been signing lots of deals with international carriers lately, most recently with Rogers in Canada. Now AT&T users who travel to the UK can use EE’s 4G LTE service. Usually you can only use 3G and HSPA services when traveling, but now people who rely on fast data speeds can benefit.

A deal for EE users traveling to the US has also been reached in turn, starting sometime in 2014. Unlike the AT&T and Rogers deal for Canada, AT&T has not announced how much they will be charging for this service. But for comparison, AT&T’s plans with Rogers were as follows:

  • $30 per month for 120MB of  data
  • $60 per month for 300MB of data
  • $120 per month for 800MB of data

These roaming plans are absolutely terrible for users, in both price and data amount. But if you want a no hassle option of using your phone overseas, you can use these plans. But if you have an unlocked phone, I recommend you use a local SIM card and accompanying plans in the country you are visiting (unless you’re on T-Mobile and are fine with EDGE).

EE also has not announced how much their roaming fees will be, but they probably will be expensive as well. But EE has announced that, throughout 2014, they will be announcing more deals like this, so customers of EE should be on the lookout for more deals. So will you enjoy being able to use LTE overseas in the UK and the US soon?

Source: EE via Droid-Life