Atlas Fitness Tracker Aims To Bring True Workout Tracking

There are already several fitness trackers available in the market today however one model wants to stand out from the rest by providing fitness aficionados with a way to track their different activities and gathers data on various statistics. The Atlas fitness tracker is a fitness tracker packed with sensors that is able to recognize what exercise you are doing and logs your workout data.

atlas fitness tracker

This small device which is worn on the wrist is very precise that it can distinguish if you are doing push-ups, triangle push-ups, bicep curls, and alternating bicep curls among others. Almost no user interaction is required when it logs data. On its screen your heart rate is displayed so you can monitor it under various exercises.

The Atlas fitness tracker is currently seeking funding over at Indiegogo and aims to reach a funding goal of $125,000. There are 17 days still left in the campaign but as of now $186,000 has already been raised which shows that a lot of people are interested in this device.

The developers of this device say that “Current fitness trackers are simply glorified pedometers. Steps are important but they’re only a single metric of your fitness. Atlas is a wearable device that tracks and identifies your different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps and sets and calculates the calories you burned. Atlas measures your success; all you have to do is work out.”

So what makes Atlas tick? Inside the device are several inertial sensors, the same sensors that are used in smartphones. The sensors detect movement in a 3D trajectory and are able to distinguish movement between the various exercise types.

The device not only provides data but also allows the user to compare this data from data collected from popular exercises that is stored in it. It also provides information on what muscle groups a user has been focusing on mostly and what needs to be focused on next.

A companion app is available for the Android and iOS platform which allows users to sift through the data that the device has recorded.

Head out over to Indiegogo if you are interested in supporting this project. A $159 donation allows you to get the device which is expected to ship out in December 2014.


via indiegogo