ASUS VivoTab RT Windows 8 tablet for AT&T is now official

AT&T is going big on its line of LTE enabled Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft has announced just yesterday that it will be releasing the new unified operating system, Windows 8, on the 26th of this month. So all manufacturers and partners who are involved in releasing a Windows 8 device are excited. AT&T, being one of the wireless carriers in the United States to offer Windows 8 tablets, has already announced a few tablets which it will be releasing, and the new device added to the list is the Asus VivoTab RT with LTE.

The device has a nice 10.1 inch screen with multi touch capability, and is an IPS display. The display also boasts of the company’s TruVivid technology, which will enhance the display’s pleasure. The Asus VivoTab RT will come with the next generation Tegra 3 TE processor, which is a quad core processor. So on the computation front, the device is high end. The tablet will also have enough memory for multimedia storage with 64 GB of on board storage space.

One signature feature of almost all Asus tablets is the keyboard dock to make the device a tablet netbook convertible hybrid. And the Asus VivoTab RT is no exception. We are expecting a dock similar to the Android counterparts of the tablet.

Just like many other new Windows 8 tablets being announced now, the Asus VivoTab RT will come with the new Microsoft Office 2013, but only a trial period. The trial period can be expected to be up to 30 days. And the built quality of the device is supposed to be very good, with metal finishing on the back of the device, something like the premium quality Android tablets from the company.

The main attraction here is the LTE network with which it is made available. If you are already interested in buying this, you will have to wait a bit longer. The release date and the price of the device is not yet announced.

Source: GSM Arena