ASUS ROG Phone User Guide

ROG Phone User Guide

Welcome to our ROG Phone Troubleshooting page, which contains all the links to problems, issues, questions, tutorials, FAQs, how to’s and guides that you can use.

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ROG gaming DNA

A new era of mobile gaming has dawned. An era where you take full control, where every sense is heightened, where every sinew is ready for the fray. With pure ROG gaming DNA at its core, ROG Phone breaks every rule to go where rivals fear to tread.

Built to win

This is a phone built to win: its world-beating, speed-binned 2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform and Adreno 630 GPU deliver epic performance, its unique GameCool vapor-chamber cooling system

Unique design for gamers

The ultra-comfortable design features unique side-mounted ports, and the enhanced, ultra-responsive game controls β€” including programmable ultrasonic AirTriggers and advanced haptics β€” let you focus all your skills on the game, giving you the edge you need for total domination. ROG Phone will change your game β€” forever.

ROG Phone User Guides

Browse through the tutorial below and master your device.

Getting Started


Samsung Galaxy S4 Troubleshooting

Wireless Connections

Home Screen


  • How to Soft Reset or Force Restart ROG Phone
  • How to Factory Reset ROG Phone
  • How to Hard Reset or Master Reset ROG Phone
  • How to Reset Apps on ROG Phone
  • How to Reset All Settings on ROG Phone
  • How to Reset Network Settings on ROG Phone
  • How to Reset Accessibility Settings on ROG Phone
  • How to Set ROG Phone to Auto Restart

Accounts & Security

  • Enable ROG Phone Pattern Lock
  • How to Add and Remove Google Account on ROG Phone
  • How to Add and Remove Samsung Account on ROG Phone
  • How to Add Email Accounts on ROG Phone
  • How to Setup a Secure Screen Lock on ROG Phone
  • How to Use Biometrics to Secure your ROG Phone
  • Configure Google Play Protect to Check Your Apps Regularly
  • How to Set Up Find My Mobile on ROG Phone
  • How to Create a Secure Folder on ROG Phone
  • How to Encrypt and Decrypt SD Card on ROG Phone

ROG Phone Troubleshooting Manual

If you have a problem with your tablet, browse through the topics below for the solutions.


  • ROG Phone won’t charge
  • ROG Phone not turning on
  • Battery draining quickly
  • Phone keeps rebooting randomly
  • ROG Phone moisture detected issue

Internet & Network

  • ROG Phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi network
  • No signal, No service issues
  • Network not available, please try again later
  • Not connecting to WiFi network
  • ROG Phone 4G LTE not working


  • How to take a screenshot
  • Unfortunately, Camera has stopped
  • Warning: Camera failed
  • Camera is out of focus


  • No sound and other audio issues
  • Loudspeaker doesn’t have any sound
  • Bluetooth headset has no sound
  • Notifications don’t play


  • Screen keeps on flickering
  • Screen is black but phone is powered on
  • How to repair broken screen
  • Display shows some dead pixels

Operating System

  • Stuck on Black Screen of Death
  • Different ways to reset ROG Phone
  • Keeps freezing and lagging
  • Running so slow, poor performance

Calls & Texts

  • Text messages not sent or received
  • Unfortunately, Messages has stopped
  • Phones calls keep dropping
  • Callers can’t hear users
  • ROG won’t send MMS


  • Facebook keeps crashing, not working
  • Twitter closes by itself, not updating
  • Nova Launcher crashes, causes phone to lag
  • Messenger crashes, closes on its own


  • Unable to read mounted SD card
  • Some apps in SD card not working
  • How to free up some storage space
  • Server storage full, unable to write on SD card