Asus flaunts international PadFone S hybrid ahead of Computex

With precisely a week left until the debut of Computex 2014, Asus is beginning to find it hard to keep its cards close to the chest. The June 3-7 technology fair in Taipei will no doubt see a host of new Asus-made gizmos come to light, including several LTE-enabled Zenfones.

Asus PadFone S-2

Also, a fresh entry into the booming PadFone franchise. Another one? That’s right, though the PadFone S may look a little familiar. That’s because it’s basically the international counterpart of the AT&T-only PadFone X, unveiled way back in January, but for some reason not yet available for sale.

Well, don’t be surprised if X and S deliveries start simultaneously, perhaps immediately after Computex wraps up. The thing is the expo appearance is pretty pointless right now, since a Taiwanese website has already got one-on-one time with the PadFone S, previewing and thoroughly detailing it in a high-res photo gallery.

The focus is on the white flavor, although the black model makes a short cameo too, and both hybrids are elegant, sleek and, most of all, versatile. The use principle is the same old, same old, and the keyboard dock is yet to make a comeback, so you still get a smartphone seamlessly capable of transforming into a tablet.

Asus PadFone S

A 5-inch smartphone with an 8.9-inch PadFone Station, each sporting Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 and 1,920 x 1,200 pixels respectively). Inside the hood, a quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 chip takes care of raw speed business, aided by 2 GB RAM, and a mid-sized 2,300 mAh battery keeps the lights on in handheld mode.

When used as a slate, the PadFone S naturally increases its juice, with an extra 4,990 mAh cell, bringing the ensemble to a total weight of 514 grams and total waistline of 11.6 mm. Like on AT&T’s X, you get 4G LTE support and a microSD card slot, whereas on-board storage clocks in at 16 GB.

Asus PadFone S-3

Slapped to the rear of either the phone or tab, there’s a top-notch 13 MP camera, while a modest 2 megapixels are in charge of selfies. All in all, the PadFone S can best be described as an upper mid-range cross-breed, and rumor is Asus won’t go overboard when pricing the “convertible”.

Namely, expect the thing to cost TWD 20,000 when it starts selling on Taiwanese shores, which is the equivalent of $660. Or €480. On the old continent, it can’t go for north of €500, albeit it’s still unclear exactly what markets will get it and when. Stay tuned for the full story, set to unravel soon enough.

Via [Sogi]